Working With Your Maintenance Team: What You Should Be Doing As a Property Manager


As property manager, your role is vital to ensuring that the day to day operations of your property and overall happiness of your tenants is met. A vital piece of your role includes working with a maintenance crew in a professional manner to get the daily operations tasks completed. The property maintenance crew are the employees that your tenants will interact with the most. They are the first line of defense when the tenants have an issue they need to get corrected. Having a good working relationship with your property maintenance crew will help you be a better property manager and will make sure that your tenants are happy in their home. Here are a few tips to insure you work well with your maintenance crew.

Outward appearance

First and foremost, outward appearance draws tenants in and keeps them around. People want to live in a home that is well kept and looks appealing. Making sure that your property maintenance crew keeps up the outward appearance of the property is the key to keeping your tenants happy. This can include picking up trash, landscaping, painting, mowing the grass, etc. just to name a few. Outward appearance also applies to the maintenance crew themselves. Providing the maintenance crew with a standard uniform and with a clean appearance and friendly demeanor will guarantee your residents are confident in their capabilities. You should also express to your crew how to form friendly working relationships with the tenants so that they can build trust and the tenants will feel confident that their problems will be fixed.


Communication is also a key factor to having a successful property maintenance crew. Maintenance technicians should be able to communicate with tenants about their concerns in a respectful and understanding way, and be able to communicate the steps it will take to get their problems corrected. Even if the tenants’ issues do not get resolved as quick as they would like, if the technicians have good communication with the tenants throughout the process, the tenants are more likely to be understanding and happy. Communication is also an important aspect between maintenance technicians and property management.

Daily tasks

There are also certain daily tasks that the property maintenance team can do to make sure your tenants have a pleasant living experience. Picking up trash and litter, keeping common areas clean and tidy, keeping pool areas are in tip top shape are just a few of the tasks that can improve the overall appearance and atmosphere is pleasant for your tenants. As property management, it is important that you communicate to your crew what daily tasks you would like them to complete.

Working with a company such as Latitude Properties Limited can help you have the right maintenance team and management team on your side. Being able to ensure your properties are cared for and protected gives you peace of mind. Whether you can be onsite all the time or not, Latitude Properties can take care of the job for you.

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