What To Do When Your Property Experiences Summertime Flooding

What To Do When Your Property Experiences Summertime Flooding

Either as a tenant, an owner, or a landlord, flooding damage requires your immediate attention. Remaining proactive in protecting and recovering affected property elements is crucial to save costs, get the unit into a living-friendly state, and avoid possible lawsuits. This is true for Kitchener homeowners who want to make sure that their property is taken care of and the welfare of their loved ones are not compromised. Whichever your role in property maintenance, some of the actions required for flooding damage control are the same for everyone involved with the property. Here’s some expert Kitchener property management advice from Latitude Properties.

Instruct and Train Residents to React Before The Flood Begins

To prevent and reduce possible flood damage, make sure that the residents know they should take all items (or as many possible) from the basement and the ground floor to the top floor. They should also clear the eavestroughs and make sure they’re clear, and direct the position spouts to take the water away from the house. Any gas cans, solvents, and chemicals stored inside the residence should be moved out of places that could get flooded, which would result in contamination. The staff should also check the submersible pumps and make sure the power source can’t get flooded.

Do the Damage Control After The Flood

You can’t control the flooding or the amount of damage it will cause. But, you can act cautiously to salvage your Kitchener property and prevent further accidents by hiring property management services. As a landlord, you’re responsible for getting the property back into the habitable state as fast as possible. This way, you’ll cover yourself against possible lawsuits or have tenants hire contractors on their own (which you’ll have to pay for). Your presence on the property is essential for the recovery to go well and within the reasonable time frame. Still, there are a couple things to know as to not make a bad situation even worse.

Don’t switch the power on without checking with the electrician. Make sure to consult property management specialists before turning the appliances and heating back on in your Kitchener home, and have a gas technician reconnect your natural gas supplies.

To repair the residence after the flooding, start with cleaning the objects that got contaminated first. A commercial property is a too much work for an individual, so getting contractors is a must to have unsafe items removed and those that are salvageable restored. Some of the work is up to tenants to handle, but for but a landlord is solely responsible for repairing items they’ve offered in the contract. The residence will need the stripping of the plywood, carpets, drywall, and insulation. In this situation, hiring property management contractors is the safest bet for the work on your Kitchener property to be done in a safe and quality fashion.

When it comes to getting your property back in shape, the process will also require mold checks and appropriate repairs in case it’s found inside the home. As a landlord, you are solely responsible for health damage to the residents that come from unrepaired units. That being said, you’re best off working closely with your Kitchener property management team to get the units “up and running”.

Don’t Know How to Repair Your Home After Flooding? Call Latitude Properties

A long list of repairs will be due after a flooding. Re-doing walls, floors, roofs, and foundations are only some. You’ll have to disinfect against mold and have the carpentry, doors, and windows operating properly. This is all too much work for an individual, so hiring Latitude Properties is your best choice.


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