6 Effective Ways To protect your property from Storm Damage

To help property maintenance, companies like Latitude Limited stay on top of the precautions required to protect your rental properties against potential storm damage, look out for the following six points: Weather Watch By keeping an eye on the weather forecast, you can make sure you’re prepared for any possible extremes. Watch out for severe weather warnings from Environment Canada, whose reports are regularly updated. It is then possible to ensure your properties are as storm-proof as possible should the weather takes a turn for the worse. Trees a Crowd Although many of us fear the thunder and lightning that… [Read More]

Prevent Damage to Your Roof this Winter by Protecting it Against Ice Dams

Roof damage during the winter is a major concern for every landlord and building owner. If unrepaired, small damaged spots in the roof may cause accidents and leaks after a heavy snowfall. As the name suggests, ice dams are a dam-like structure of ice that form on the rooftops, hidden from plain sight by a heavy layer of snow. You don’t need to wait until the winter to prevent the looming risks of ice dams. Since a good amount of damage to the roof can happen during the summer, it’s never too soon to look into the issue. Also, summer… [Read More]

Property Management: How to Keep Tenants from Leaving

Good tenants are worthy of your efforts, and the last thing you want to do is drive them away with careless mistakes. If you want to keep the tenants who are paying rent on time, never cause trouble, and treat the unit with attention and respect, you must respond with an equal amount of devotion. Latitude Limited points out a couple of big mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your favourite tenants. Biggest Mistakes That Make Good Tenants Leave Neglecting Pest Prevention – Every unit can become a target for pests, regardless of the quality of the building…. [Read More]

How Landlords Benefit From Property Managers

Property leasing can generate thousands of dollars in income if done properly. Failing to navigate important issues, and what was once a possible source of income can easily turn into a money pit. Property owners who try to take up all of the property management duties on their own soon realize they don’t have the capacity or knowledge for it. It requires a certain level of skill to run a rental, which is why property management firms come in handy. Latitude Limited gives some insight into what you’re gaining from professional property management services. Benefits of Hiring a Property Management… [Read More]

Summer Property Management: Amenities To Focus On

When it comes to making the most of your rental properties, there are several things to pay attention to. Among the most important are indoor and outdoor amenities. Appealing to prospective renters and keeping existing tenants is best done with interesting indoor features in each individual apartment. There’s often plenty of confusion when it comes to the outdoor amenities, keep reading to learn what the experts at Latitude Limited recommend. Why Are Amenities So Important? Indoor amenities provide a sense of comfort, coziness and a pleasurable stay at a rental property. Outdoor amenities, on the other hand, are visible to… [Read More]

Top Home Maintenance Tasks For Spring

Springtime is when everything in nature wakes up from hibernation. The sun begins to peek out and signals that it is time for spring chores and home maintenance once again. In order to ensure that everything is well taken care of, there are several tasks around your home and property that need doing. If you are looking for new tenants in the spring rental season, making sure your property is at its best is very important. You could try to do the maintenance yourself, though it is always easier and more reliable to hire a property manager from a reputable… [Read More]

Top-Notch Property Management Services With Latitude Limited

If you have decided to hire a professional property management company like Latitude Properties Limited to take care of the management of your rental property, you could not have made a better choice. This means you are now free from handling all the details, keeping up on laws and regulations and dealing with tenants daily. On the other hand, you still want to be informed about what goes on with your property. This can cause a number of new and unexpected problems in your relationship with your property management team. Don’t worry because there is a solution. Typical “Pains” In… [Read More]