What To Do When Your Property Experiences Summertime Flooding

Either as a tenant, an owner, or a landlord, flooding damage requires your immediate attention. Remaining proactive in protecting and recovering affected property elements is crucial to save costs, get the unit into a living-friendly state, and avoid possible lawsuits. This is true for Kitchener homeowners who want to make sure that their property is taken care of and the welfare of their loved ones are not compromised. Whichever your role in property maintenance, some of the actions required for flooding damage control are the same for everyone involved with the property. Here’s some expert Kitchener property management advice from… [Read More]

Property Management Tips to Keep Your Landscape Green in Summer

During the droughts, many give up on the idea of maintaining a fresh, green lawn. Communities often forbid lawn watering, and the extreme temperatures make the lawns go brown and lifeless. But, what if there was something you could do to battle the drought and maintain the freshness of your lawn? Here are a couple of suggestions for maintaining your Kitchener home lawn from the experience of the property management experts: Shrink The Lawn Do you really need a lawn as big as your current one? Chances are you do not. If you shrink the lawn to the smallest size… [Read More]

Is Your Office a Nightmare this Summer?

Office space requires regular maintenance for all of the utilities and essential systems to work properly. If you’re running or renting office space, repairs before the beginning of the summer will ensure that the space functions smoothly throughout the season. Here are a couple of issues that need looking into if you want your office or the business facility to operate hassle-free throughout the summer. Tight Seal for Safety Purposes Make sure that all of the doors, windows and fans in your office are securely fastened. Preventing and avoiding air leaks is not only for the sake of convenience but… [Read More]

End Of Summer Property Management Tips

The end of the summer is the great time to prepare the property for the cold winter months and set everything up for timely snow-clearance. Seasonal changes require engaging in a number of property maintenance projects, which are best performed by the professionals at Latitude Properties. Here’s what you should do if you want to get it ready for autumn. Preparing for Seasonal Clean-up External parts of the garden and landscape handle a lot during the summer when outdoor activities become the most frequent. As the summer reaches its end, it’s a good idea to turn to installed property management… [Read More]

Traits a Great Property Manager Should Have

Property managers fulfill a very specific role; they handle all aspects of a residential or commercial property on behalf of an owner and this means a lot of responsibilities too. Property managers should have the necessary knowledge and expertise to handle a property effectively, but they should also know how to keep both the tenant and the landlord happy. And that’s no easy task. So, what makes a great property manager? In short, one who can handle all aspects of property management flawlessly. One who values business relationships and offers great customer service. Since the demands and requirements for every… [Read More]

Why You Should Hire a Property Manager Before Choosing a Tenant

Regardless of whether or not you’re the type of person who looks for the best in people, if you also happen to be a landlord and are situated in Kitchener, it pays to be extra careful. Good property management and paying rent on time is something most residential (long-term) tenants accomplish easily. However, it’s important to do the proper research thoroughly and in advance, so that future tenants don’t turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth. For example, when advertising for tenants, it pays to state that you also do credit and background checks. In addition to receiving… [Read More]

Property Management: Should You Furnish Your Condo?

Condo Furnished vs Unfurnished Starting with what is generally the first thought for a property owner considering renting out their property, is the financial cost and return! If you’re a landlord, you to want the best return on your investment that you can get. Primarily, you will be looking at spending more money initially on furnishings, but this will depend on the type of furnished condo you are considering. In other words, where it’s located and what type of tenant can you expect! This is where you would be wise to seek some advice from a Kitchener property management service…. [Read More]

Property Management: Costly Mistakes Landlords Make

New landlord mistakes Being a landlord sounds so easy when you say it quickly; however, it’s also a business that is filled with pitfalls for the unwary, the careless and the lazy! On that note, we can start at the very beginning with choosing your tenants. Firstly, check their credit references, as you will discover that the majority of your future issues will be contributed to by tenants with a poor credit rating. So, take the time and energy to do this particular task properly! If you have a Kitchener property management team acting on your behalf, stipulate this as… [Read More]

Basic Tips to Stay on Your Landlord’s Good Side

Kitchener property management companies have vast experience working with residential properties and seeing tenants come and go. Property owners want to keep tenants that pay rent on time and keep their property in good shape. Tenants want to find a nice place to live that makes them feel happy and content. As the tenant, it is important to work on creating a good relationship with your landlord. By having a quality relationship with the property owner, you can enjoy your home for years to come. But how do you create a relationship with this individual? Know Your Rights as the… [Read More]