Summer Industrial Property Management Maintenance Task List

Summer property management can be a time-consuming task, so we’ve come up with a checklist to help you go through the items you need to complete to keep your property at its best this summer. Of course, you might also like to turn to the services of professional industrial property management companies to keep your building in top shape. Inspecting Your Property Before Summer Summer property management involves maintenance procedures for both the interior and the exterior of your building. To make sure you keep your renters happy, you have to make sure your property is up to the standards… [Read More]

Protecting Your Industrial Property from Flooding in the Spring

Spring is the time of year when floods are most common. The forces of nature are not something we can control, but there are always ways in which you can prepare for potential floodings. Companies specializing in industrial real estate property management have become experts in preventing damage related to the infamous spring floods. Protect Yourself from Spring Floods While floods are a common occurrence in some areas, when spring comes, the risk rises tremendously even for places which are not usually victims of floodings. Of course, this is due to the change in the weather. When temperatures start rising… [Read More]

Assessing Your Industrial Property’s Fire Safety? Latitude Can Help

Due to the size of investment required to purchase or lease an industrial property, there are few businesses that would be willing to settle into a new building without some kind of property inspection. Unfortunately, these traditional assessments don’t always take into consideration the importance of the life safety and fire systems, especially where the property’s purpose has been changed. A warehouse or buildings used for manufacturing may not have required the same safety systems that are needed when the purpose is altered, making a new assessment of the building and subsequent safety protocol a necessity. Industrial properties have a… [Read More]

Advantages of Hiring Industrial Property Management

Are you having trouble running multiple industrial properties? In this case, hiring a professional industrial property manager could be just the right solution. Property managers can do a lot to ensure the growth of the property’s monetary value by ensuring regular repairs and maintenance. Latitude Properties gives you insight into the numerous reasons why you would benefit from the help of an industrial property management agency. Benefits of Good Industrial Property Management If you were wondering what a professional real estate manager can do for your industrial property, you don’t have to look very far to find the reasons. Here’s… [Read More]

Upkeep Focus Areas To Be Completed Before Spring

When it comes to industrial real estate property management, there are many focus areas renters and property managers need to address for maintenance and upkeep. The reason for this is because winter conditions and temperatures often leave a stamp of damage on most properties. In order to properly prepare for the impending spring renting season, thorough inspections and repairs may be needed. These repairs are necessary as they will greatly increase the chances of finding good tenants more quickly, which will help maintain your cash flow. Industrial Real Estate Property Management: Typical “Pain Points” Making seasonal adjustments on your property… [Read More]

Protect Your Bottom Line With Latitude Properties Limited

  Investors often fail to realize a number of different aspects of managing real estate properties. Regardless, it is clear that rental property is a smart financial investment. Investors who believe that it is a smart decision to become landlords at the same time frequently come across a number of common, yet completely avoidable mistakes. Industrial real estate property management is complicated enough as it is, which is why learning from these mistakes and doing your best to avoid them is a wise choice. Industrial Real Estate Property Management: The Most Common Mistakes Here are the most common mistakes that… [Read More]

Take a Close Look at the Numbers to Check and See If Your Investment Property Is Losing Value

One of the best ways to increase your wealth and secure your financial future is to invest in property. But you need to determine if the property will continue to give you the return you want and need from it. If there’s a downturn, your residential, commercial and industrial real estate property management company, must quickly identify why the money is not coming in like it used to. The reason and the solution must be quickly determined before your bottom line is affected. With Residential Property it is Location, Location – Location! When you purchased your property, it may have… [Read More]