What Potential Clients Look for in an Industrial Property

Location, location, location. We all know the golden rule of property. Typically, this is the most important aspect of any commercial property purchase or sale. However, recent research suggests that when it comes to industrial properties, there are many more factors that any potential client is going to consider. We’ll talk you through the most important ones, and how a real estate property management service can help make your property particularly appealing to prospective clients. What Do Potential Clients Want from an Industrial Building? Sure, the location of your industrial property is still important, but perhaps not for the reasons… [Read More]

Property Management Gains: Staying Energy Efficient in Summer

Summer is the season of trips to the beach, bright sunny days and very hot temperatures. Those are the things people often think about when they hear the word ‘summer’. But summer also brings hefty utility bills, especially those pertaining to energy usage. The right real estate property management service can help you keep your building and your tenants cool this summer without driving your utility costs through the roof. Invest in Energy Saving Building  Features Energy efficient buildings share certain features (such as good insulation and ventilation). If your building does not already have these features, it may be… [Read More]

Summer Industrial Property Management Maintenance Task List

Summer property management can be a time-consuming task, so we’ve come up with a checklist to help you go through the items you need to complete to keep your property at its best this summer. Of course, you might also like to turn to the services of professional industrial property management companies to keep your building in top shape. Inspecting Your Property Before Summer Summer property management involves maintenance procedures for both the interior and the exterior of your building. To make sure you keep your renters happy, you have to make sure your property is up to the standards… [Read More]

Protecting Your Industrial Property from Flooding in the Spring

Spring is the time of year when floods are most common. The forces of nature are not something we can control, but there are always ways in which you can prepare for potential floodings. Companies specializing in industrial real estate property management have become experts in preventing damage related to the infamous spring floods. Protect Yourself from Spring Floods While floods are a common occurrence in some areas, when spring comes, the risk rises tremendously even for places which are not usually victims of floodings. Of course, this is due to the change in the weather. When temperatures start rising… [Read More]

Managing an Industrial Property Requires Active Participation

As an industrial property manager, your involvement is crucial for the maintenance to go well and for the tenants to feel cared for. Being proactive and diligent with the work you do increases the property value, which in return, builds your reputation and brings in more clients. Here are some of the most important aspects of good industrial property management. Keep the Tenant Communication Positive and Regular Being involved with the tenants creates a trusting environment and reduces tenant turnover. You want to avoid properties being uninhabited because empty properties don’t bring any income. Keeping tenants happy means having a… [Read More]

How to Manage Your Industrial Property Maintenance Plan This Fall

Is your commercial property ready for fall? It’s never too soon to employ strategies that professional industrial property management entities use because the sudden weather changes that the said season brings won’t leave enough time to prepare. Here’s what you need to do to care for your property to avoid getting caught by surprise: Plan Maintenance and Define the Budget Planning is a commercial property owner’s best friend. Not having a comprehensive plan in place before investing is never a good idea. Planning industrial property management in your position means: Getting in touch with the management and discussing the plan… [Read More]

Is Your Property Manager Doing a Good Job?

Is your property management company working in your best interest? Keeping in mind that your major concern should be looking into loans, cash flow and the capacity to borrow money. Property managers should take a load off your hands so that you can focus on more important tasks leading to future growth. Here are the qualities you should look into when assessing a property manager’s performance: Does The Property Manager Take Good Care Of The Property? Neither too little not too frequent repairs are a sign of good property management. You should gain insight into the repairs and billing done… [Read More]

Environmental Issues for Property Managers

Updating and refreshing both staff training and the equipment is crucial for following through all of the legal regulations. Latitude Properties pays attention to all aspects of environmental protection regulations, making sure all of the permits are in order. Here are a couple of issues to look into when it comes to handling environmental issues as a property manager: Tackle Air Quality Permits Air permit application should assume a priority with improvement projects, as omitting it could cause delays and penalties. To make sure they’ve met all of the permit requirements, property managers are ought to inspect individual case projects,… [Read More]

Property Management Checklist for Summer

Summer brings many joys, but also a plenty of responsibilities when it comes to property maintenance. Winter and spring leave a lot of exteriors and interior damage behind, such as dirt to be cleared out, heating and cooling systems to be taken care of and prevention against storm and flood damage. Latitude Properties recommends taking care of following tasks before the beginning of the summer: Safety Supplies Come First! It’s about time to stock up on emergency supplies, which are necessary in case of drastic weather changes, rains, and possible floods. If you haven’t done it yet, work through emergency… [Read More]

Cool Down Your Rental Property with Property Management Tweaks

Canadian summers are notoriously scorching and pose an additional worry for landlords. It’s difficult enough to have to worry about regular property maintenance, seasonal fixes, inspections and being available almost 24/7 for one’s tenants. Having to also go through the trouble of ensuring their tenants are sufficiently cooled down and comfortable in their rentals is unfortunate, but necessary. Be it residential, commercial or industrial property management, there are cheap ways to keep cool in the summer, some of which are as follows: Make sure direct sunlight stays out Keep doors & windows well sealed Apply reflecting film on windows Use… [Read More]