Keeping Your Commercial HVAC System Running Efficiently

In the current environment, minimizing energy consumption is vital for private households and business properties. With heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems being some of the highest in terms of energy usage and expense, it’s important that businesses employ effective commercial property management protocols. The significance of HVAC systems and their effectivity is such that many businesses turn to professionals like Latitude Properties Limited for advice and guidance. Businesses moving into a new building or looking to upgrade and maintain existing real estate need to carefully consider their HVAC systems in terms of their needs and cost-effectiveness. Aging systems can… [Read More]

Part 2: More Management Tips on Searching for Reliable Tenants

Partner up with a right tenant and your rental will stay occupied for years to come with all payments arriving regularly. It’s a dream for every residential owner to find a trustworthy tenant with a stable background who will occupy the residence for years to come. In such a competitive market, reaching this type of tenants won’t be easy. Latitude Properties gives you some expert advice in the area of commercial property management that will help you find an ideal tenant. More Tips on Drawing a “Unicorn” Tenant Screening and reaching the right type of person for a rental is… [Read More]

Things to Look for When Hiring a Commercial Property Management Firm

There are more than enough reasons for a commercial property owner to hire a professional property management firm. Unlike private properties, commercial ones are subject to countless regulations, requiring an extensive year-round management plan. Not only property maintenance but also the relationship with tenants and contractors require full devotion. Running a commercial property is demanding and can be overwhelming even for someone with experience. Having a property in need of repairs could result in fines and loss of tenants, neglecting these issues will make a noticeable difference in your bank account. When choosing the right commercial property management firm, one should… [Read More]

Attributes of a Good Commercial Property Manager

While a successful rental can increase your income, it takes regular commercial property management to ensure you’re maximizing your profits. Choosing the right property manager is the key to a profitable and well-maintained commercial rental. Those property owners who are new in the industry should know which qualities make for a good property management company. Latitude Properties gives some insight on the good property manager qualities. Qualities of Great Property Managers Amazing property managers pay attention to the “big picture”, always aiming to maximize their client’s earnings by bringing the property’s true potential to light. That being said, they also… [Read More]

Summer Landscape Safety Tips for Property Managers

Landscape safety becomes more important during the summer as the activity in the estate increases. Both day and nighttime become the periods of constant activity, which requires you to make sure all parts of the landscape are properly handled and safe for people to use. For every property owner, worrying about the safety of users is more than human responsibility. It is also a matter of profit and legal liability since injuries and damage to material goods caused by landscape can fall on the property owner. For this reason, knowing the must-do’s of summer landscape safety is the owner’s major… [Read More]

Is a security system necessary for my commercial property?

When owning commercial property, there are several challenges that come into play when it comes to the management aspects. Safety of employees is a big concern and can be a liability of the property owner. Often times, security measures are overlooked, especially by those who are just entering into the world of commercial ownership. Not only should those on site be protected, but you also want to have a deterrent when it comes to theft and vandalism. Your commercial property management team might suggest a security system be put in place to help with such issues. Regulations for Security To… [Read More]

What Makes For a Great Commercial Real Estate Company

Whether you are buying or selling commercial real estate, you want to work with a commercial real estate company that is successful and can help you turn a profit. If you are new to the commercial real estate game, then you may have no idea what features you should look for in a real estate company. Below are a few tips to get you started in the right direction. Investing in quality commercial property can lead to higher sale prices, continual monthly income and building a quality property portfolio, if you follow the right steps! Experience When searching for commercial… [Read More]

How to Offer Quality Property Management

As an investor of commercial or residential property, it is important to offer quality services to your tenants. For most investors, property management services are used to ensure the property is taken care of as well as the tenant. But is your service company offering the best services for your tenants? Below is a short guide on what you should expect from your service company and how your tenants should be treated. Quality Customer Service To begin, quality customer service is key. You want every tenant to feel that they are listened to and taken care of. If a problem… [Read More]

Technology and Commercial Property Management – Latitude Properties

Commercial property owners who use management companies to handle the rental aspects of the property have found that technology of today makes the process much more advanced. From social media to websites, commercial property management companies can assist in a variety of ways to help property owners be more successful. But how does technology play a role? Online Presence Improved If you own commercial real estate as rental property, you most likely have some sort of website. With a commercial property management team, your website can be revamped or even changed completely to be of benefit to your property holdings…. [Read More]

Role of a Property Manager in Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property management is an essential option when it comes to owning commercial rental property. As the landlord, you want to make the most of your investment. It is more beneficial for you to work with a property manager who can handle the tenant side of your property, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. But what is the role of the property manager in leasing commercial real estate? To begin a property manager is hired to learn more about your commercial properties. The individual or team will assess your holdings and create customized real estate management… [Read More]