Commercial Property Management – Tips to Conserve Your Building’s Water Usage

Every year we see huge areas of North America suffering significant drought and water shortage. While most areas remain unaffected, the low water levels in other locations can have a devastating effect on homes. Agriculture and other industries take the blame for a large percentage of the total water consumption, however, domestic water use still dominates the pie chart. We preach sustainability in almost every other aspect of daily life, is enough being done to use water more conservatively in our homes? With the right commercial property management service, you can cut down the water consumption in your building and… [Read More]

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property Parking Lots

Parking lots are crucial though often overlooked features of commercial properties. Too often they are allowed to fall into disrepair with very little thought to the impact that this has on the profitability of the property and its occupants. With the right commercial property management service, your parking lot will remain in good condition. To ensure that your parking lot remains in good condition for an extended period, you should invest in expert contractors.  A properly constructed parking lot can provide you with 20-30 years of comfortable services before needing repairs. Parking Lot Damage – A Closer Look As with… [Read More]

Client Happiness Involves Good Property Management Skills

Property management is one of the key factors determining the level of satisfaction occupants have with their building. Therefore, it is very important to invest enough time and dedication to this aspect of property ownership, and possibly think about turning to corporate or commercial property management services to make sure that the work is completed to the highest standard. To operate a successful property and rent it out to the top clients you should keep it well maintained. Тhere are a number of important checks you have to perform in order to make sure that your property is up to… [Read More]

Getting your Commercial Property Ready for Spring

Spring is the most dangerous season when it comes to floods, no matter what kind of property you own. Of course, the maintenance of commercial and corporate buildings is a bit harder than that of private homes and residences. In order to help you out with this time-consuming task, corporate property management companies offer a wide range of services which will keep your building in great shape. Preparations Before Winter One of the best things you can do in order to avoid flooding in the spring is to start preparing beforehand. Commercial property management services are now widely available and… [Read More]

Top 3 Services You Should Get from Your Commercial Management Team

What should you expect from a well-performing, effective commercial property manager? A good management service company has experts who are able to work with a large number of people simultaneously while arranging timely maintenance for all of the properties they’re working for. All this while keeping the clients regularly informed and increasing the value of the property. Latitude recommends looking for these couple of important qualities in property managers. Provide Long-Term Tenants Your profits will increase if the property is always occupied. The best way to ensure this is to work with a commercial property management service provider who knows… [Read More]

Going Green: Having An Inefficient Commercial Property Could Cost You

You want well-paying, reliable tenants with cooperative character features and you want to keep them around. Applying green, energy-efficient strategies for your commercial property is one of the ways to draw this profile of tenants. It is also one of the skills you want your management service to possess. If you haven’t yet fully grasped the importance of green technology, here are a couple of facts you should know. Green Buildings are In-Demand Over 90% of tenants have said to prefer living in a green building. Nowadays, people care more about the environment and put more efforts into sustainability. But… [Read More]

Summer Landscape Services for Commercial Properties

Maintaining a commercial landscape is a lot more than occasional watering and mowing. Proper landscape maintenance requires knowledge of irrigation systems, pruning and trimming, composting and plant nutrition, as well as planting. If you want a neat-looking landscape, or must have one for your commercial property, you need expert help with getting it ready for the summer. If you haven’t yet considered the possibility to hire a landscaping service, Latitude Properties recommends thinking through a couple of issues: Pruning And Bush Trimming Are Serious Business There’s so much to think about when getting the trees and bushes in the right… [Read More]

Part 2: Final Steps To Avoid A Long Vacancy In Your Rental Property

The number one reason why so many property investors run into difficulties when they first venture into managing their own properties is that they underestimate what it takes to succeed. Lacking the knowledge, resources and most importantly, time ends up being a huge blow for many property management first timers. There are ways to avoid some mistakes and streamline the process, which can greatly help reduce unnecessary vacancy days. Commercial property management services are a serious matter and some helpful steps were discussed in Part 1 of the series. Now it is time for the final steps to minimize needles… [Read More]

A Guide To Commercial Roof Inspections

Inspecting roofs and conducting maintenance on them should be done at least twice every year. An inspection in the fall serves to ensure the roof is prepared to withstand harsh winter conditions. A spring inspection will help identify any damage that occurred over the winter months. Keep in mind that scheduled and regular roof inspections are a crucial part of commercial property management services. Property managers should use a plan of the roof when conducting an inspection and mark the locations of any damage. It is also a good idea to use photographs to document changes in the condition of… [Read More]

Commercial Property Management: DIY Vs Experts

Many real estate investors new to the game believe that being a landlord is the best option. However, managing your own property requires an incredible amount of sweat, effort, and hard work. Even though being a landlord is viewed as a passive source of income, rest assured that hiring a professional commercial property management company is the far better choice. Why Is It Better To Hire Professional Commercial Property Management Services? Professional commercial property management companies like Latitude Properties, Ltd. offer a number of advantages: You won’t have to deal with enforcing rules and making difficult decisions; Tenants will not… [Read More]