Summer Maintenance For Your Lawn

Summer Maintenance For Your Lawn

Whether you’re attempting to ensure good residential or corporate property management for your rental real estate, one aspect is crucial to your goal. Everybody loves a good, properly trimmed and maintained lawn that acts as a healthy and lovely green space. Your lawn is at risk of damage during the summer season. This is when lawn maintenance plays a vital role in keeping the green surface healthy. Keep reading to learn what it is you can do to ensure your lawn stays healthy and gorgeous when heat strikes.

Corporate Property Management: Saving Water & Keeping Your Lawn Looking Good

It is easy to get carried away when it comes to maintaining and watering your lawn. This leads to using too much water, which ends up costing you plenty if you’re not careful. Maintaining your lawn sustainably means not watering it too little and definitely not too much. There are some simple rules and tips you can follow to accomplish this, such as:

  • Planning for the week
  • Being consistent
  • Applying the 1.3cm rule

Planning For The Week

Setting up a weekly watering schedule can be very helpful when it comes to lawn maintenance. You can start by researching the weather patterns in your area for the previous week and use them to base your watering patterns for the following week. The basic idea here is to apply the precise amount of water used by plant processes and evaporation during the previous week.

Being Consistent

In order to prevent runoff, you’ll want to apply water to all areas of your lawn uniformly and in two to three cycles. Start by placing some water-collection containers in a grid around your lawn in order to check for an even water pattern. Check the depth of water in each container after running all your sprinklers for 10 minutes. Adjust sprinkler spray direction and heads as needed, in addition to checking for breaks or clogs in the watering system.

Applying The 1.3cm Rule

The 1.3cm rule means you should only be applying around 1.3cm of water to your grass with every sprinkler run. Typically speaking, impact rotator heads take about 40 minutes to accomplish this task; while pop-up heads will do the same in 20. It is important to know exactly what kind of system you’re using and whether or not you need to switch over to a more efficient system.

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