How Social Media Can Help You Attract Waterloo Renters

Waterloo Property Management: How Should You Advertise?

Attracting renters in and around Waterloo can be a difficult task. Recent measures have made it harder for first-time buyers to enter the real estate market, and real estate prices are skyrocketing. Hunting for good tenants with great credit scores is tricky enough as it is, and all of this means it might be time to switch over to professional residential property management.

Compared to any combined numbers for local and more traditional advertising methods, the fact of the matter is that more people use social media nowadays. This means it is much easier to not only get ahold of information but also communicate with professional residential property management companies in Waterloo as well. This comes as no surprise, as many companies see social media exactly for what it is: an affordable and effective way to cast a wide net to reach potential customers.


When talking about the DIY approach to specific social networks, Facebook is by far the channel you should be spending most of your energy on. This goes especially when it comes to reaching out to potential renters through local marketing. The reason why Facebook is the best option here is that it enables you to advertise locally to a large audience.

Compared to Google ads, which are more expensive and carry the risk of you being dwarfed by large Waterloo property management companies, Facebook somewhat levels the playing field. For example, start by boosting your property listings on Facebook with a budget of $10 per post, and work your way up from there. Also, it’s wise to track your campaigns with the Facebook “Pixel,” as well as Google Analytics, in order to learn what’s working and what isn’t.

Twitter & Google+

However, Facebook isn’t your only option regardless of it being the most important one. You can always squeeze some extra advertising juice from your carefully crafted Facebook posts by cross-posting on other social media networks. Twitter is a great example of this; all you need to do is slightly shorten your post in order to make it fit into Twitter’s 140 character count.

Another smart option is to also incorporate Google+, as it is a significant help in driving up your search engine optimization. The perfect way to maximize your advertising campaign is to cover Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.


In the event that any of your properties are lagging in interest with Facebook and more traditional marketing, there’s always Instagram. The same applies if your properties have millennial appeal. You’ll need a smartphone or tablet to post on Instagram, and seeing how it’s almost entirely visually oriented, it goes without saying that attractive property pictures are a must.

Unlike other social media channels, hashtags are the only way to find content on Instagram, which is why it pays to research a set of 10-20 hashtags,  including several local ones, to go along with your posts. All in all, apart from Facebook, advertising on social media costs next to nothing and typically brings in ample results.

Is Professional Residential Property Management The Answer? Most Likely

All things considered, it is obvious that advertising on social media to attract renters is easier and cheaper than doing so via traditional marketing channels. However, if you happen to own 2, 3 or even more properties in or around Waterloo, managing them all by yourself will be challenging to say the least. This is where professional residential property management comes in. Companies like Latitude Properties not only have a good social media presence but ample experience in the field as well.

Most importantly, the number one thing people think about when it comes to residential property management is profits and return on investment. They almost never factor in the time spent in the process. That’s exactly why professionals like Latitude Properties are ideal for residential property management in and around Waterloo. At the end of the day, being a jack of all trades is good, but having peace of mind knowing your properties are being managed by professionals is even better.