Residential Yard Maintenance: How to Properly Manage It

Residential Yard Maintenance: How to Properly Manage It

Keeping the tenants happy is both the property manager’s and the landlord’s first priority. Tenants look into many aspects of their rental when deciding on whether or not to stay, such as the appearance, comfort, and the utility costs. While the tenants should abide by the lease, it is up to the residential property management company to do their best to make the exterior of the property both appealing and convenient to tenants. Here are some of the ways in which Latitude Properties takes care of yard maintenance.

Key Landscaping Services Issues to Watch For

To ensure that both the property owner and the tenant understand their role in the maintenance and receive the best services, Latitude applies several effective strategies:

  • Handle Green and Garden Waste – Using green waste bins and providing the services for the removal of the garden waste, Latitude ensures that the landscape remains neat and clean at all times. In many cases, fallen leaves from trees and perennials are too demanding for tenants to handle, and neglected landscapes lead to pest issues. By handling the yard or garden waste removal, we make sure to cross this item from both owner’s and the tenant’s todo list.
  • Manage Utility Charges – Practice shows that helping tenants out with covering portions of water charges encourages regular watering. Latitude will assess the needs of the lawns and plants, arranging a functional charging model for both you and the tenant.
  • Divide the Roles – Defining each of the parties’ duties regarding the landscape maintenance is another task we at Latitude take upon ourselves. It’s important to establish the party in charge for various maintenance tasks, from regular cleaning and pruning to tree trimming and expert inspections. Once everyone involved understands the expectations, miscommunications and incidents are less likely to occur.
  • Ensure Expert Treatment – It takes a professional’s touch to keep a rental landscape worth paying for, which is why Latitude encourages the tenants to reach out to contractors whenever possible. You want to avoid tenants trying out DIY solutions and projects with lawns and installations, as it is a major safety hazard. It can also reduce the visual appeal and the rental value of the property.
  • Factor in the Costs – Latitude recommends including the landscape maintenance into the rental rates, as it makes for a more convenient arrangement for both you and the tenant. If you’re unsure of the items the rent should cover, Latitude will take up the task and calculate all of the additional maintenance items the rent should cover.

Need Help with Residential Property Management? Call Latitude Properties

Many aspects of residential property management are too complex for most people to grasp. Particularly when it comes to yard and garden maintenance, which directly affects the rental value of the property and prospective profits. The risks of implementing misguided DIY solutions are great when it comes to rentals, which is why a professional approach is a must. Instead of worrying about landscape maintenance, let Latitude take over the management tasks and enjoy watching your real estate grow its value.