Property Management Gains: Staying Energy Efficient in Summer

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Summer is the season of trips to the beach, bright sunny days and very hot temperatures. Those are the things people often think about when they hear the word ‘summer’. But summer also brings hefty utility bills, especially those pertaining to energy usage. The right real estate property management service can help you keep your building and your tenants cool this summer without driving your utility costs through the roof.

Invest in Energy Saving Building  Features

Energy efficient buildings share certain features (such as good insulation and ventilation). If your building does not already have these features, it may be time to do some work. Consider retrofitting your building to include these features if you want to improve its energy saving status. 

Building insulation goes a long way in ensuring energy efficiency.  With proper insulation, the buildings’ heating and cooling needs will be reduced. Good insulation will ensure that the building is as airtight as possible reducing or eliminating the release of hot or cool air to the outside. 

After ensuring that your building is as airtight as possible you will need to ensure that the internal air quality meets high standards. For this, you need a good ventilation system.  A high-quality ventilation system will also prevent the buildup of moisture on the inside. With a heat recovery ventilator installed, your building’s tenants will benefit from greater energy efficiency through its smart cooling and heating processes. The system uses the outgoing air to heat the incoming air in the winter and flips the process in the summer.

Outfitting your building with LED lights will also help to reduce energy consumption. Install sensor controlled lights in areas such as conference rooms and restrooms. Since they spring into operation when movement is detected, they will save energy.

If you are planning to build, consider using LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) designs for your new structure. LEED standards are green and energy efficient standards currently being used by architects and builders in Canada. They are designed to use resources such as water, energy and building materials smartly. Building a LEED structure costs just about 2% more than other buildings but the returns far exceed this cost over time. 

How Property Managers Can Help

Smart thermostats are great energy savers. These devices gauge the activities of the tenants and adjust the temperature inside to accommodate them. During down times (or times when there is little or no activity inside the unit), the smart thermostat can adjust the air conditioning accordingly or turn it off. Savvy property managers will install these as they will save tenants and property owners lots of money in the long run. 

Property managers can also help by ensuring that the buildings they supervise remain in top condition at all times. Proper maintenance checks will help to identify drafts and breaches that may leak cold air out or allow hot air to seep inside. Either situation would result in increased energy use and by extension, higher bills. These breaches can be repaired (through methods such as caulking) to create an airtight condition inside. Effective repairs will keep cool air in and hot air out. It is also a good idea to replace older windows with newer more energy efficient ones that are designed to increase air tightness and reduce energy loss. As a bonus, these energy efficient windows are usually also effective at blocking noise from the outside. 

Prospective tenants are more likely to gravitate towards units that are designed to make their lives more convenient and save them money and so these devices and practices would be good investments for any building that is used for rental purposes. Industrial property management experts know exactly which energy guzzlers to target in order to ensure that your pockets don’t feel the brunt of the heat this summer.

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