Property Management Tips to Keep Your Landscape Green in Summer

 Property Management tips to keep Your Landscape Green in summer

During the droughts, many give up on the idea of maintaining a fresh, green lawn. Communities often forbid lawn watering, and the extreme temperatures make the lawns go brown and lifeless. But, what if there was something you could do to battle the drought and maintain the freshness of your lawn? Here are a couple of suggestions for maintaining your Kitchener home lawn from the experience of the property management experts:

Shrink The Lawn

Do you really need a lawn as big as your current one? Chances are you do not. If you shrink the lawn to the smallest size that fits your needs, it will be a lot easier to maintain. This process is called xeriscaping. Smaller lawns don’t only require less maintenance, but also much less watering. It will also be a lot easier for you to focus on maintaining a smaller surface than a large one. If you don’t want to change the appearance of the landscape on your own, contractors will ensure to plan your Kitchener property.

Detach The Lawn: Soil Aeration

Aeration pretty much means having the soil underneath the lawn shaken so that it passes through more water and air. Thick, hard soil takes a longer time to absorb water and pass air through, which means your lawn is getting less nutrition. If you “shake the ground”, and have the lawn slightly detached from the soil, it will be a lot easier for the grass to soak in precious water supplies. But, this is a job you can hardly do on your own. Your Kitchener home property manager contractors have skilled technicians and gear to do the job just as you need it done.

Switch to Organic Compost

Homeowners often ditch fertilizers during the summer, because they increase the need for watering, organic fertilizers do just the opposite. They decrease the need for watering up to 75%. If you’re up for some crafting, you can make your own compost after a little learning and exercise. You can also purchase the pre-made organic fertilizer and do something useful for both your lawn and the environment. Don’t be afraid of the lawn growing too fast, the balance in the organic fertilizer formula will prevent that.

Consider Alternate Watering Sources

During the summer, many communities limit the amount of water available for hydrating lawns. To provide better hydration, consider using rain barrels to collect rain and the water from your downspouts. Don’t know how to install alternate watering sources? Property management contractors have the knowledge and the ability to plan and execute every lawn maintenance task for your Kitchener home.

Do You Lack Lawn Maintenance Knowledge? Latitude Properties Can Help

Your Kitchener home deserves the best, and property management service is the best choice for handling the tasks you can’t do on your own. Call Latitude Properties, and the experts will inspect and plan the right adjustments for your residence at convenient prices. Moreover, they will also execute the task required in a professional way, with minimum disruption to your daily life.

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