Property Management: How to Keep Tenants from Leaving

Property Management: How to Keep Tenants from Leaving

Good tenants are worthy of your efforts, and the last thing you want to do is drive them away with careless mistakes. If you want to keep the tenants who are paying rent on time, never cause trouble, and treat the unit with attention and respect, you must respond with an equal amount of devotion. Latitude Limited points out a couple of big mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your favourite tenants.

Biggest Mistakes That Make Good Tenants Leave

  • Neglecting Pest Prevention – Every unit can become a target for pests, regardless of the quality of the building. Some of the aspects of pest control depend on tenants, like cleaning and keeping the space clutter-free. As a property owner, you are responsible for ensuring all areas of the building are free from pests. Having the necessary inspections and maintenance competed regularly will help prevent pests. If the infestations due to poor maintenance from your part occur, you won’t only lose tenants but you’ll have to pay them for the damage to their belongings as well.
  • Neglected Roofs – Not performing a seasonal roof inspection and keeping it in it’s best shape could lead to water leaks and all sorts of headaches for tenants. Everything from floods to pest infestations can happen from a neglected roof. These are high-risk situations from liability standpoint, as you could be facing a lawsuit and paying thousands of dollars in damage repairs.
  • Ignoring Urgent Repairs and Maintenance – If you want good tenants around for a long time, their problems must become your problems to solve. Their emergencies must become your emergencies, which means you need to be willing to respond as soon as the tenants report that something in their rental unit isn’t working properly. Tenants do not want to have a property owner which is hard to reach and doesn’t take their concerns seriously.
  • Not Providing Harmonious Environment – If you’re managing multiple units, you must ensure all of them clear a background check. Good tenants won’t put up with trouble-making neighbours for long. It is your job to provide your tenants with a safe and stable living environment, with the least amount of issues to stress them out. You want your tenants to have a good relationship with each other.
  • Poor Communication – You need to keep yourself available for tenants within a reasonable timeframe. This includes responding to voicemail and emails within 24 hours and react quickly when the tenants voice any issues they may be experiencing.

Can’t Hold on to Tenants? Call Latitude Limited Property Management: Keep Tenants from Leaving – Latitude Properties

If maintaining a good relationship with your tenants is becoming a bit of a burden, Latitude Limited is here to help. We will take over all of the responsibilities regarding tenants, making sure their needs are met and that they are feeling confident about you as a landlord. We will pay attention to repairs, mediate between tenants, and ensure their environment provides safety and stability.

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