Property Management: Should You Furnish Your Condo?

Condo Furnished vs Unfurnished

Starting with what is generally the first thought for a property owner considering renting out their property, is the financial cost and return! If you’re a landlord, you to want the best return on your investment that you can get. Primarily, you will be looking at spending more money initially on furnishings, but this will depend on the type of furnished condo you are considering. In other words, where it’s located and what type of tenant can you expect! This is where you would be wise to seek some advice from a Kitchener property management service.

Another question is what or should your furnished tenant expect for his rent? Looking at it from the owner’s point of view; someone seeking a furnished apartment for rent is likely to be there for a short time and will require certain considerations. These could include the arranging of utility bills in the name of the landlord, as they will not want to deal with the issues themselves. However, this is an aspect that can be overcome with the help of an experienced Kitchener property management service acting on your behalf.

The tenancy and what goes with it

If you’re going the unfurnished condo route, then it’s a relatively simple process of selecting a reliable agent to negotiate with a tenant on your behalf. Rental specialists will take the paperwork trail and any hassles that go with it off your shoulders. This will include finding a suitable tenant for you, arranging the agreements and the negotiations associated with the tenancy. They will during the tenant’s occupation represent you and your interests and ensure your prized investment is properly maintained, including the rent being paid regularly and on time!

When it comes to renting out a furnished condo; whilst the foregoing services and procedures also apply, a primary consideration is an inventory and the responsibility attached to the tenant. Fully furnished means just that; everything an occupant needs to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. From cutlery to linens; cooking pots and utilities as well as their entertainment and the cleaning aspect, and more! Consult a reputable agency like Kitchener property management and let them help you determine as a property owner, whether renting out a condo is going to be just a financial investment, to reap as much profit as is reasonably possible, or, is it more personal for you?