Prevent Damage to Your Roof this Winter by Protecting it Against Ice Dams

Roof damage during the winter is a major concern for every landlord and building owner. If unrepaired, small damaged spots in the roof may cause accidents and leaks after a heavy snowfall. As the name suggests, ice dams are a dam-like structure of ice that form on the rooftops, hidden from plain sight by a heavy layer of snow. You don’t need to wait until the winter to prevent the looming risks of ice dams. Since a good amount of damage to the roof can happen during the summer, it’s never too soon to look into the issue. Also, summer is the ideal time for adjustments and repairs. Latitude Limited suggests looking into some of the risks and the strategies for preventing them.

What Latitude Wants You to Know About Ice Dams

Two types of risks arise from a neglected ice dam problem. The first is the danger of them falling down from under a roof lining and injuring someone. The second is from the ice melting and causing a leak inside of your home. Neither of these scenarios should occur in a well-kept home, let alone a rental. Injury to a person from an ice dam opens you up for a costly lawsuit, while a leak in the roof could lead to water damage in the attic and the rest of the home. Here are some of the strategies that Latitude Limited applies in order to prevent the damage from ice dams:

Insulate the Attic – While no one can stop ice dams from forming, one can certainly prevent the water from passing through. Property managers look into the quality of insulation, making sure it’s sufficient and good quality. As the wet insulation loses effectiveness, inspections and timely replacement are in order.

Insulate Heating Ducts – Heating ducts and exhaust fans can contribute to the forming of ice dams. While leaky heating ducts might allow water into the roof, exhaust fans speed up the melting process. Maintenance is the only way to prevent this, which is something you should leave to professionals.

Install a Two-Part Attic Ventilation – Combined with exhaust vents, intake vents balance ensure that no extra warm air will cause the ice dams to melt.

Replace the Roof – Ultimately, some roofs will demand a complete replacement and the installation of the Waterproof Shingle Underlayment. If the roof of the residence is so badly damaged that the repairs seem pointless, your property manager will schedule a complete revamp. Redoing the roof will protect you against the liability and damage, while the added WSU protection prevents the melting ice from passing through the rooftop.

Fearing Ice Dams in Your Rental? Call Latitude Limited

While ice dams carry a risk on their own, it is the damage in the roofs during the summer that allows the leaks and water dripping through the roofs. There’s no better time than summer to secure the residential roofs against ice dams, and Latitude is here to ensure your roofs are sealed and secure for the winter!


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