Part 2: More Management Tips on Searching for Reliable Tenants

Part 2: More Management Tips on Searching for Reliable Tenants

Partner up with a right tenant and your rental will stay occupied for years to come with all payments arriving regularly. It’s a dream for every residential owner to find a trustworthy tenant with a stable background who will occupy the residence for years to come. In such a competitive market, reaching this type of tenants won’t be easy. Latitude Properties gives you some expert advice in the area of commercial property management that will help you find an ideal tenant.

More Tips on Drawing a “Unicorn” Tenant

Screening and reaching the right type of person for a rental is a skill not everyone possesses. You need to be able to both present the property in a way that draws the write profile applicant, and build the skills to screen for one.  There are a couple of steps you can take to draw a high-profile applicant. Here are some of them:

  • Target and Reach the Ideal Tenant – Why waste both yours and the tenants time, when you can lay out the criteria in advance? Defining criteria to focus on, such as credit, earnings, pets, or smoking and publishing it along with the ad will help draw the right type of person. Since the majority of people use the internet to browse through ads these days, publish your ad on one of the websites with high traffic and credibility.
  • Use Professional Photos – Have a photographer run a session in your rental, providing quality pictures that are a good match to the real-life sight. You don’t want to publish amateur pictures since the wrong angle and bad lighting can make space look less appealing than it really is.
  • Upgrade Property Features – Keeping the right type of tenant in mind, boost those property features that will be most relevant to them. Think about upping the internet speed, installing a built-in closet, stainless steel features, and energy-saving appliances.
  • Offer Area Information –Include details such as proximity to supermarkets, schools, stores, or shopping centres into your listing. It will help prospective applicants consider if the neighbourhood is right for them.
  • Be Available and Flexible – Tenants appreciate being able to reach landlords and property managers, so having multiple streams of communications helps demonstrate skill and professionalism. Hiring a property manager to communicate with the tenants is a good way to draw the top quality applicants since tenants appreciate good communication.
  • Organize with Property Management Software – Latest digital solutions provide the apps for organizing the property management tasks, and they are also a great way to engage when multiple parties are involved. Using a software, you’ll find it easier to keep track of tasks and the schedule, including those relevant for tenant screening.

Call Latitude for Professional Tenant Screening

Finding the right tenant requires completing numerous commercial property management projects, from photographing a property to crafting an informative listing. Screening for applicant backgrounds is also a demanding venture, as it requires days of work. All of these tasks can be overwhelming, which is why commercial property management is the best choice for you. If you’re on a mission to find great tenants, call Latitude.

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