Common Tenant Complaints and How Property Managers Handle Them

Common Tenant Complaints and How Property Managers Handle Them

Residential property management can be overwhelming, as it calls for responding to an endless list of duties towards the property and the people involved with it. Navigating a good relationship with tenants is important not only for keeping the good ones around and reducing the turnover but also for protecting yourself from liability for issues that often come up with every residential property. Tenants expect their units and buildings to be in perfect condition, and any issue that comes up, be it maintenance issue or a loud neighbor, affects their lives and busy schedules.  

Most Frequent Tenant Issues

When a problem comes up, tenants will turn to you to take responsibility and resolve them in a timely manner. Latitude Properties advice on looking into common tenant complaints and good ways to deal with them.

  1. Maintenance Issues

Being proactive about tenant’s maintenance concerns is imperative for a healthy landlord-tenant relationship. Tenants don’t always know who should be in charge of certain repairs, but they’ll at least count on you to know. Responding to their requests as soon as possible makes a good impression and protects you against liability. A maintenance request system is a good way to deal with this matter, and include complaint resolution details in the lease. The lease should define what is a reasonable response time, emergency steps and many more details. Make sure to have a contractor inspect the larger issues as fast as possible after receiving a complaint. Tenants will appreciate a prompt response, and a timely inspection will assure them the problem is being taken care of even if the repair takes a bit longer. Documenting complaints, repairs and relevant paperwork is a good idea. It will protect you in case of a lawsuit.

  1. Bad Communication/Unavailability

Tenants will want you to be available and respond to phone calls in a timely manner. Not being able to contact you will frustrate them, as they rely on you or the management as their support system with residential property issues. No matter how small you believe the issue to be, make sure that the tenant receives a timely response. It doesn’t matter if you, the property management, or someone else in charge takes the call, as look as tenants feel like they’re being taken care of quickly.

  1. Loud Neighbours

Loud neighbors upset most tenants, and it is an issue that’s not hard to solve. Whether the neighbour has a loud pet, or they simply enjoy listening to loud music, a simple and polite conversation most often solves the problem. The tenant will expect you to take action, even if you don’t have the authority over the neighbour in question. If the neighbour’s acts are out of your hands, you can always improve the insulation, soundproof the residence, or install carpeting that will absorb or lessen the noise.

  1. Pest Infestation

A home infested with rodents or bugs is very unsettling and uncomfortable to live in. It’s also unsafe and unsanitary. A timely response to a bug complaint will ensure that the valued tenant remains in a healthy environment. Calling an exterminator soon after receiving the complaint and having the matter resolved is a must for reliable residential property management.

Can’t Manage Tenant Complaints? Call Latitude Properties

Latitude Properties provides a full range of property management services, including the relationship with tenants. If being constantly available and keeping track of urgent tenant issues isn’t something you do well, we can help. Latitude Properties mediates between tenants and landlords, promptly responding to requests and resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

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