What To Do When Your Property Experiences Summertime Flooding

Either as a tenant, an owner, or a landlord, flooding damage requires your immediate attention. Remaining proactive in protecting and recovering affected property elements is crucial to save costs, get the unit into a living-friendly state, and avoid possible lawsuits. This is true for Kitchener homeowners who want to make sure that their property is taken care of and the welfare of their loved ones are not compromised. Whichever your role in property maintenance, some of the actions required for flooding damage control are the same for everyone involved with the property. Here’s some expert Kitchener property management advice from… [Read More]

Property Management Tips to Keep Your Landscape Green in Summer

During the droughts, many give up on the idea of maintaining a fresh, green lawn. Communities often forbid lawn watering, and the extreme temperatures make the lawns go brown and lifeless. But, what if there was something you could do to battle the drought and maintain the freshness of your lawn? Here are a couple of suggestions for maintaining your Kitchener home lawn from the experience of the property management experts: Shrink The Lawn Do you really need a lawn as big as your current one? Chances are you do not. If you shrink the lawn to the smallest size… [Read More]

Is Your Office a Nightmare this Summer?

Office space requires regular maintenance for all of the utilities and essential systems to work properly. If you’re running or renting office space, repairs before the beginning of the summer will ensure that the space functions smoothly throughout the season. Here are a couple of issues that need looking into if you want your office or the business facility to operate hassle-free throughout the summer. Tight Seal for Safety Purposes Make sure that all of the doors, windows and fans in your office are securely fastened. Preventing and avoiding air leaks is not only for the sake of convenience but… [Read More]

End Of Summer Property Management Tips

The end of the summer is the great time to prepare the property for the cold winter months and set everything up for timely snow-clearance. Seasonal changes require engaging in a number of property maintenance projects, which are best performed by the professionals at Latitude Properties. Here’s what you should do if you want to get it ready for autumn. Preparing for Seasonal Clean-up External parts of the garden and landscape handle a lot during the summer when outdoor activities become the most frequent. As the summer reaches its end, it’s a good idea to turn to installed property management… [Read More]

Property Management Summer Issues: Can Tenants Build Gardens?

Being a landlord carries a lot of stress with it. In addition to having to deal with the difficult process of selecting the right tenant, your troubles likely won’t stop after you’ve made your choice. Tenants can be the source of many worries and problems; for example, what if they decide to plant their own garden on your Kitchener property? How should you handle this situation? Luckily, there’s a very simple way to ensure good residential property management for your Kitchener property. Continue reading to learn more. Does The Law Favour Landlords Or Tenants When It Comes To Summer Gardens?… [Read More]

Summer Property Management Tips: Swimming Pool Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining swimming pools in the summer, it can be a challenging task to complete because of the fact that pools get used much more frequently during hot weather. One of the biggest problems with pool maintenance arises when maintenance practices are compromised to save during lean times or for other reasons. As a result, your property may stop being an attractive one and could require significant money to restore. That is why summertime swimming pool maintenance is essential if you’re looking to ensure good property management for your Kitchener location. What Can Happen If You Don’t… [Read More]

Boost Home Value with Property Upgrades this Summer

The best time of year to freshen up, improve, upgrade or simply spruce up your home or property is summer. This is when days are longest and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities. There is no better way to ensure good property management for your Kitchener location than to tackle some simple, yet meaningful home projects. These will not only help improve the resale value of your property, it also represents a chance for family togetherness and an opportunity for the little ones to learn, contribute and get a sense of accomplishment. Here are some home improvement project ideas:… [Read More]

Easy Ways To “Summer-ise” Your Property

Kitchener is a community with a growing economy, which means it is becoming increasingly attractive for people from all walks of life. With such an influx of new faces in the city, matters of logistics quickly become very important. Among the crucial questions to take care of, people typically search for a place to stay. If you are looking to ensure good property management for your Kitchener rental, you’d best get a head start and “summer-ise” your property before the summer season. Prospective tenants will most likely choose this time of year to view different rental properties, one of which… [Read More]

Cut Tenant Turnover This Summer

The summertime is when countless renters are moving, which may leave you trying to fill your vacancy. This is something that applies to many Canadian cities, including Kitchener. Reducing tenant turnover is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when looking to ensure good property management in Kitchener. Keep reading to learn about some tips and strategies that could help you achieve just that. Kitchener Property Management: Cutting Tenant Turnover This Summer When it comes to coming up with reliable and effective strategies to encourage your tenants to renew their lease for another year, you have a number of options…. [Read More]

Avoid These Property Management Mistakes

There are many reasons why residential property management is complicated. Some of them include having to follow different laws and legislation, dealing with contractual agreements and balancing various relationships. When talking about residential property management in Kitchener, it is obvious that even the best property managers will run into additional issues due to the populous nature of such a large city. However, there are things you can do to avoid making certain property management mistakes. Kitchener Residential Property Management: What NOT To Do One of the most important parts of any business is making the right decisions and avoiding the… [Read More]