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Commercial Property Management – Tips to Conserve Your Building’s Water Usage

Every year we see huge areas of North America suffering significant drought and water shortage. While most areas remain unaffected, the low water levels in other locations can have a devastating effect on homes. Agriculture and other industries take the blame for a large percentage of the total water consumption, however, domestic water use still dominates the pie chart. We preach sustainability in almost every other aspect of daily life, is enough being done to use water more conservatively in our homes? With the right commercial property management service, you can cut down the water consumption in your building and… [Read More]

Residential Property Management – Handling a Tenant’s Maintenance Issue

Every once in a while, things go wrong and break. While this seems frustratingly true in every walk of life, it is especially relevant to residential property management. Whether you’re renting out an apartment or plan to build up a property portfolio, you have roles and responsibilities that you need to be aware of. With a little knowledge and practical application, you’ll know how to handle tenant maintenance issues and avoid costly mistakes. Your Maintenance Issue Plan One of the first things you need to do is create a maintenance request plan. Who is responsible for officially submitting maintenance requests?… [Read More]

What Potential Clients Look for in an Industrial Property

Location, location, location. We all know the golden rule of property. Typically, this is the most important aspect of any commercial property purchase or sale. However, recent research suggests that when it comes to industrial properties, there are many more factors that any potential client is going to consider. We’ll talk you through the most important ones, and how a real estate property management service can help make your property particularly appealing to prospective clients. What Do Potential Clients Want from an Industrial Building? Sure, the location of your industrial property is still important, but perhaps not for the reasons… [Read More]

Property Management Gains: Staying Energy Efficient in Summer

Summer is the season of trips to the beach, bright sunny days and very hot temperatures. Those are the things people often think about when they hear the word ‘summer’. But summer also brings hefty utility bills, especially those pertaining to energy usage. The right real estate property management service can help you keep your building and your tenants cool this summer without driving your utility costs through the roof. Invest in Energy Saving Building  Features Energy efficient buildings share certain features (such as good insulation and ventilation). If your building does not already have these features, it may be… [Read More]