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What To Do When Your Property Experiences Summertime Flooding

Either as a tenant, an owner, or a landlord, flooding damage requires your immediate attention. Remaining proactive in protecting and recovering affected property elements is crucial to save costs, get the unit into a living-friendly state, and avoid possible lawsuits. This is true for Kitchener homeowners who want to make sure that their property is taken care of and the welfare of their loved ones are not compromised. Whichever your role in property maintenance, some of the actions required for flooding damage control are the same for everyone involved with the property. Here’s some expert Kitchener property management advice from… [Read More]

Top 3 Services You Should Get from Your Commercial Management Team

What should you expect from a well-performing, effective commercial property manager? A good management service company has experts who are able to work with a large number of people simultaneously while arranging timely maintenance for all of the properties they’re working for. All this while keeping the clients regularly informed and increasing the value of the property. Latitude recommends looking for these couple of important qualities in property managers. Provide Long-Term Tenants Your profits will increase if the property is always occupied. The best way to ensure this is to work with a commercial property management service provider who knows… [Read More]

Property Management Tips to Keep Your Landscape Green in Summer

During the droughts, many give up on the idea of maintaining a fresh, green lawn. Communities often forbid lawn watering, and the extreme temperatures make the lawns go brown and lifeless. But, what if there was something you could do to battle the drought and maintain the freshness of your lawn? Here are a couple of suggestions for maintaining your Kitchener home lawn from the experience of the property management experts: Shrink The Lawn Do you really need a lawn as big as your current one? Chances are you do not. If you shrink the lawn to the smallest size… [Read More]

Managing Residential Properties for Student Rentals

Student rentals bring in thousands of dollars in positive cash each month, which makes them a highly lucrative source of income. But, they also require a serious approach to tenants and property upkeep. Most renters choose to work with an expert residential management service provider, and for a good reason. Having a professional who is experienced with student rentals is your best choice for your financial benefit and peace of mind. Here’s what an expert from a reputable company like Latitude Limited can do to take the student rental load off your back: Tackle the Relationship With Students You want… [Read More]

Managing an Industrial Property Requires Active Participation

As an industrial property manager, your involvement is crucial for the maintenance to go well and for the tenants to feel cared for. Being proactive and diligent with the work you do increases the property value, which in return, builds your reputation and brings in more clients. Here are some of the most important aspects of good industrial property management. Keep the Tenant Communication Positive and Regular Being involved with the tenants creates a trusting environment and reduces tenant turnover. You want to avoid properties being uninhabited because empty properties don’t bring any income. Keeping tenants happy means having a… [Read More]

How to Manage Your Industrial Property Maintenance Plan This Fall

Is your commercial property ready for fall? It’s never too soon to employ strategies that professional industrial property management entities use because the sudden weather changes that the said season brings won’t leave enough time to prepare. Here’s what you need to do to care for your property to avoid getting caught by surprise: Plan Maintenance and Define the Budget Planning is a commercial property owner’s best friend. Not having a comprehensive plan in place before investing is never a good idea. Planning industrial property management in your position means: Getting in touch with the management and discussing the plan… [Read More]

Going Green: Having An Inefficient Commercial Property Could Cost You

You want well-paying, reliable tenants with cooperative character features and you want to keep them around. Applying green, energy-efficient strategies for your commercial property is one of the ways to draw this profile of tenants. It is also one of the skills you want your management service to possess. If you haven’t yet fully grasped the importance of green technology, here are a couple of facts you should know. Green Buildings are In-Demand Over 90% of tenants have said to prefer living in a green building. Nowadays, people care more about the environment and put more efforts into sustainability. But… [Read More]