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Are You Maximizing Your Building’s Potential?

With the rental market being more competitive than ever, prospective tenants have plenty of options to choose from. You want them to choose your property. You also want the highest possible profit from your property. More than that, you want to work with a professional, experienced, effective and hands-on commercial or residential property management company. Why? Because having the skill to max out a property rental potential is a quality you need. Here are some of the elements of your property that Latitude Limited can manage and improve. Structure and Improvements You own a building. It can become a business… [Read More]

Summer Landscape Safety Tips for Property Managers

Landscape safety becomes more important during the summer as the activity in the estate increases. Both day and nighttime become the periods of constant activity, which requires you to make sure all parts of the landscape are properly handled and safe for people to use. For every property owner, worrying about the safety of users is more than human responsibility. It is also a matter of profit and legal liability since injuries and damage to material goods caused by landscape can fall on the property owner. For this reason, knowing the must-do’s of summer landscape safety is the owner’s major… [Read More]

Is Your Property Manager Doing a Good Job?

Is your property management company working in your best interest? Keeping in mind that your major concern should be looking into loans, cash flow and the capacity to borrow money. Property managers should take a load off your hands so that you can focus on more important tasks leading to future growth. Here are the qualities you should look into when assessing a property manager’s performance: Does The Property Manager Take Good Care Of The Property? Neither too little not too frequent repairs are a sign of good property management. You should gain insight into the repairs and billing done… [Read More]

Summer Landscape Services for Commercial Properties

Maintaining a commercial landscape is a lot more than occasional watering and mowing. Proper landscape maintenance requires knowledge of irrigation systems, pruning and trimming, composting and plant nutrition, as well as planting. If you want a neat-looking landscape, or must have one for your commercial property, you need expert help with getting it ready for the summer. If you haven’t yet considered the possibility to hire a landscaping service, Latitude Properties recommends thinking through a couple of issues: Pruning And Bush Trimming Are Serious Business There’s so much to think about when getting the trees and bushes in the right… [Read More]

Summer Property Management: Looking at Security

Summer is the most exciting time of the year. Increased activity during vacations and due to pleasant weather brings in more work but also calls for stronger security measures. Commercial or not, safety is an essential part of managing a property. Latitude Properties recommends looking into a couple of security issues before the beginning of the summer. Here are some of them: Look Into Backgrounds Of Staff And Residents The best way to ensure safety for your property is to run a background search of all people involved with it. When accepting tenants, make sure that their backgrounds don’t raise… [Read More]

Is Your Office a Nightmare this Summer?

Office space requires regular maintenance for all of the utilities and essential systems to work properly. If you’re running or renting office space, repairs before the beginning of the summer will ensure that the space functions smoothly throughout the season. Here are a couple of issues that need looking into if you want your office or the business facility to operate hassle-free throughout the summer. Tight Seal for Safety Purposes Make sure that all of the doors, windows and fans in your office are securely fastened. Preventing and avoiding air leaks is not only for the sake of convenience but… [Read More]

Environmental Issues for Property Managers

Updating and refreshing both staff training and the equipment is crucial for following through all of the legal regulations. Latitude Properties pays attention to all aspects of environmental protection regulations, making sure all of the permits are in order. Here are a couple of issues to look into when it comes to handling environmental issues as a property manager: Tackle Air Quality Permits Air permit application should assume a priority with improvement projects, as omitting it could cause delays and penalties. To make sure they’ve met all of the permit requirements, property managers are ought to inspect individual case projects,… [Read More]

End Of Summer Property Management Tips

The end of the summer is the great time to prepare the property for the cold winter months and set everything up for timely snow-clearance. Seasonal changes require engaging in a number of property maintenance projects, which are best performed by the professionals at Latitude Properties. Here’s what you should do if you want to get it ready for autumn. Preparing for Seasonal Clean-up External parts of the garden and landscape handle a lot during the summer when outdoor activities become the most frequent. As the summer reaches its end, it’s a good idea to turn to installed property management… [Read More]

Property Management Checklist for Summer

Summer brings many joys, but also a plenty of responsibilities when it comes to property maintenance. Winter and spring leave a lot of exteriors and interior damage behind, such as dirt to be cleared out, heating and cooling systems to be taken care of and prevention against storm and flood damage. Latitude Properties recommends taking care of following tasks before the beginning of the summer: Safety Supplies Come First! It’s about time to stock up on emergency supplies, which are necessary in case of drastic weather changes, rains, and possible floods. If you haven’t done it yet, work through emergency… [Read More]