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How Summer can Impact Property Management

When it comes to practicing good residential, commercial and industrial property management, it is important to understand the various factors that affect the real estate market. Among the more common variables are peak travel season and migrations caused by economic growth and job opportunities This may seem obvious to most, but many seem to neglect the full extent of the influence of seasons on the real estate market. Keep reading to learn how different seasons affect your chances of capitalizing on your rental property. What Is Seasonality And How Big Is Its Impact? Depending on where you live, the changing… [Read More]

Summer Property Management: Amenities To Focus On

When it comes to making the most of your rental properties, there are several things to pay attention to. Among the most important are indoor and outdoor amenities. Appealing to prospective renters and keeping existing tenants is best done with interesting indoor features in each individual apartment. There’s often plenty of confusion when it comes to the outdoor amenities, keep reading to learn what the experts at Latitude Limited recommend. Why Are Amenities So Important? Indoor amenities provide a sense of comfort, coziness and a pleasurable stay at a rental property. Outdoor amenities, on the other hand, are visible to… [Read More]

Why Hire A Property Management Company During Summer

Summertime is when most couples, groups of friends and families choose to travel. This also means they often choose to reserve apartments, summer homes and other rental properties for their extended vacations. If you are a landlord or own a property you’d like to rent out for the summer, you are looking at peak prospect interest and increased competition. When faced with this situation, you’re better off hiring a professional property manager. Go to for more info on professional and reliable property management services. Why Is It Better To Hire A Property Management Company In The Summer? There are… [Read More]

How to Set Holiday Home Rates This Summer

Setting the rental rates for your property is something that needs to be done before you put your property on the rental market. If you are a self-managing owner, it is up to you to calculate and set the rates yourself. When your goal is to get the important inquiries and bookings, setting your rates appropriately is crucial. This can mean the difference between good and bad DIY residential and corporate property management. Setting Your Rental Rates The Right Way Whether it’s managing your corporate property or your residential property, there are some tips you could use to ensure you… [Read More]

Summer Maintenance For Your Lawn

Whether you’re attempting to ensure good residential or corporate property management for your rental real estate, one aspect is crucial to your goal. Everybody loves a good, properly trimmed and maintained lawn that acts as a healthy and lovely green space. Your lawn is at risk of damage during the summer season. This is when lawn maintenance plays a vital role in keeping the green surface healthy. Keep reading to learn what it is you can do to ensure your lawn stays healthy and gorgeous when heat strikes. Corporate Property Management: Saving Water & Keeping Your Lawn Looking Good It… [Read More]

Strategize Your Leasing Efforts This Summer

The summer brings with it numerous opportunities for landlords to capitalize on their rental properties. Whether you’re trying to excel in residential, commercial or industrial property management, there are ways to be particularly effective when it comes to the monetary benefits of your rental efforts. The strategy is your best friend in this situation, so keep reading to learn what you can try to get ahead of the competition. What Can You Do To Maximize Your Summer Leasing Efforts? There are a number of strategies you can employ to ensure you get the best possible results from your rental efforts…. [Read More]

Easy Ways To “Summer-ise” Your Property

Kitchener is a community with a growing economy, which means it is becoming increasingly attractive for people from all walks of life. With such an influx of new faces in the city, matters of logistics quickly become very important. Among the crucial questions to take care of, people typically search for a place to stay. If you are looking to ensure good property management for your Kitchener rental, you’d best get a head start and “summer-ise” your property before the summer season. Prospective tenants will most likely choose this time of year to view different rental properties, one of which… [Read More]

Cut Tenant Turnover This Summer

The summertime is when countless renters are moving, which may leave you trying to fill your vacancy. This is something that applies to many Canadian cities, including Kitchener. Reducing tenant turnover is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when looking to ensure good property management in Kitchener. Keep reading to learn about some tips and strategies that could help you achieve just that. Kitchener Property Management: Cutting Tenant Turnover This Summer When it comes to coming up with reliable and effective strategies to encourage your tenants to renew their lease for another year, you have a number of options…. [Read More]

Property Rental: Electrical Checklist For Spring

  The City of Waterloo is a great place to live: it is a developed and urban community that has managed to hold on to many parts of its suburban charm. It is popular with tourists and offers a wide range of interesting activities ideal for both individuals and families. These are just some of the reasons why renting out a property in Waterloo can be a profitable move. However, residential property management in Waterloo, as well as elsewhere, can easily turn into a nightmare. When looking to rent out a property in this beautiful city, be sure to consider… [Read More]