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Spring Cleaning Tips For Residential Properties

When talking about residential property management services, one of the most important jobs for homeowners, landlords and property managers alike is spring cleaning. In fact, spring cleaning is a must for those who want to make sure that their home or residential rental property is as functional and nice looking as it can be. The obvious question when it comes to spring cleaning is how and what activities you should consider a priority and which ones you could do without. Residential Property Management Service: Spring Cleaning Done Right Spring cleaning is an activity that needs to be performed both indoors… [Read More]

Upkeep Focus Areas To Be Completed Before Spring

When it comes to industrial real estate property management, there are many focus areas renters and property managers need to address for maintenance and upkeep. The reason for this is because winter conditions and temperatures often leave a stamp of damage on most properties. In order to properly prepare for the impending spring renting season, thorough inspections and repairs may be needed. These repairs are necessary as they will greatly increase the chances of finding good tenants more quickly, which will help maintain your cash flow. Industrial Real Estate Property Management: Typical “Pain Points” Making seasonal adjustments on your property… [Read More]

Avoid These Property Management Mistakes

There are many reasons why residential property management is complicated. Some of them include having to follow different laws and legislation, dealing with contractual agreements and balancing various relationships. When talking about residential property management in Kitchener, it is obvious that even the best property managers will run into additional issues due to the populous nature of such a large city. However, there are things you can do to avoid making certain property management mistakes. Kitchener Residential Property Management: What NOT To Do One of the most important parts of any business is making the right decisions and avoiding the… [Read More]

Is Your Deck Ready For Spring?

Having a deck on your property can offer a beautiful way to witness and enjoy the coming spring. This goes especially if your property has natural landscaping and plenty of trees. Because decks are typically made of wood, you need to ensure it is ready for the spring season in order to make the most of it. Winter can take its toll on decks, which is why spring inspection and maintenance are very important. Most Common Types Of Decks When it comes to wooden decks, there are several types that are most commonly found in people’s homes. These include: Natural… [Read More]

Top Home Maintenance Tasks For Spring

Springtime is when everything in nature wakes up from hibernation. The sun begins to peek out and signals that it is time for spring chores and home maintenance once again. In order to ensure that everything is well taken care of, there are several tasks around your home and property that need doing. If you are looking for new tenants in the spring rental season, making sure your property is at its best is very important. You could try to do the maintenance yourself, though it is always easier and more reliable to hire a property manager from a reputable… [Read More]

Part 2: Final Steps To Avoid A Long Vacancy In Your Rental Property

The number one reason why so many property investors run into difficulties when they first venture into managing their own properties is that they underestimate what it takes to succeed. Lacking the knowledge, resources and most importantly, time ends up being a huge blow for many property management first timers. There are ways to avoid some mistakes and streamline the process, which can greatly help reduce unnecessary vacancy days. Commercial property management services are a serious matter and some helpful steps were discussed in Part 1 of the series. Now it is time for the final steps to minimize needles… [Read More]

A Guide To Commercial Roof Inspections

Inspecting roofs and conducting maintenance on them should be done at least twice every year. An inspection in the fall serves to ensure the roof is prepared to withstand harsh winter conditions. A spring inspection will help identify any damage that occurred over the winter months. Keep in mind that scheduled and regular roof inspections are a crucial part of commercial property management services. Property managers should use a plan of the roof when conducting an inspection and mark the locations of any damage. It is also a good idea to use photographs to document changes in the condition of… [Read More]

Protect Your Bottom Line With Latitude Properties Limited

  Investors often fail to realize a number of different aspects of managing real estate properties. Regardless, it is clear that rental property is a smart financial investment. Investors who believe that it is a smart decision to become landlords at the same time frequently come across a number of common, yet completely avoidable mistakes. Industrial real estate property management is complicated enough as it is, which is why learning from these mistakes and doing your best to avoid them is a wise choice. Industrial Real Estate Property Management: The Most Common Mistakes Here are the most common mistakes that… [Read More]

Part 1: Steps To Avoid Long Vacancies In Your Rental Property

You lose money every single day if you own a rental property and your tenant moves out. When you consider the fact that, unless you have a strong marketing plan, the average vacancy lasts between two and three months, it becomes obvious that your bottom line is in danger. Inexperienced property owners often don’t have the knowledge or resources to quickly rent their property. As a result, they end up with more vacancy days than needed. If you are struggling with long vacancies and are situated around Kitchener, rest assured that professional Kitchener residential property management services are the best… [Read More]