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Ways to guarantee lease renewal

Good tenants can be hard to come by. As a property owner, you will find during the rental process that once you find a good tenant, you will want to hold on to them for as long as possible. Residential property owners have found that a good tenant pays their rent on time, keeps the home clean and in good shape, which creates a quality relationship between the tenant and landlord. When it comes to property leasing, you want to work with trustworthy and friendly individuals. Once you find such renters, you have to do your part to ensure they… [Read More]

What Makes For a Great Commercial Real Estate Company

Whether you are buying or selling commercial real estate, you want to work with a commercial real estate company that is successful and can help you turn a profit. If you are new to the commercial real estate game, then you may have no idea what features you should look for in a real estate company. Below are a few tips to get you started in the right direction. Investing in quality commercial property can lead to higher sale prices, continual monthly income and building a quality property portfolio, if you follow the right steps! Experience When searching for commercial… [Read More]

Pitfalls “Well-Intentioned” Landlords Must Avoid

Have you dreamed of owning property, perhaps several investment properties, in order to have a steady stream of income? How wonderful would it be to make sound investments in residential or commercial properties and make a living from the monthly rental income? Many people do just that and in the process of becoming a landlord have discovered many pitfalls and mistakes along the way. It is important to learn what is really involved in owning rental property before contacting a real estate agent to begin the property search. Check out the 8 issues we cover below to ensure you do… [Read More]

How to deal with Vacant Real Estate Properties

Using real estate as rental property is a process that many individuals use in order to make money. Residential real estate, vacation homes and even commercial property can be a solid investment when used as rental property. Property renting can provide a steady stream of income but what do you do when your property is vacated? While monthly rent payments will pay the bills, it can be detrimental to your finances when you lose a regular tenant. Below are a few tips on how to deal with vacant real estate properties to maintain your investments. Assess Your Property To begin,… [Read More]

5 ways to help first time condo buyers

Investing in a condominium can be the first step in a successful career as a property investor. A condo can easily be used as a source of income by renting the property out in a residential setting or as a vacation property. Buying a condominium property can provide a steady stream of income, especially if you invest in multiple condos. But how do you get started? Below are a few key tips to purchasing your first condo and how to be successful as a new landlord. Budgeting The first aspect to consider is budget. You have to determine how much… [Read More]

Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Whether you are buying your first home or buying a home as an investment property, there are common mistakes you have to avoid. Often times, a homebuyer can get wrapped up in the excitement or stress of the process and mistakes are made. Read on to see what you can do to avoid common pitfalls when purchasing a new home. Budgeting One of the most important factors to purchasing a new home is staying on budget. Before you begin the process of searching for homes, visit a mortgage broker and apply for pre-approval. During this process, you will be able… [Read More]

The Benefits of Property Management Services

As a property owner, you understand the day to day struggle to keep track of your many investments. If you own property that is currently being used in a residential setting, such as vacation rentals or residential rental, then you may have found yourself overwhelmed at having to deal with tenants or renters as well as the property upkeep. Thankfully, a residential management service is a quality solution to help you with the managing of your many residential properties. Qualified individuals will work for you, providing essential services to your many residential properties, such as regular upkeep, dealing with tenants… [Read More]