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These Characteristics Make A Good Property Manager

The job of a Real Estate Property Manager is not an easy one, but it can be a rewarding and satisfying career for the right person. This person must be able to thrive in a high stress environment, while juggling the many duties that keep both investors (owners) and tenants happy. They must have the following skills and characteristics in order to successfully handle this critical position at a successful property management service – whether you’re located in Dallas, Texas or Kitchener, Ontario.

Advantages of Working With a Commercial Property Management Company

It’s been said that a good Commercial Property Management Service is worth the combined weight of their staff in gold. Maybe it depends on the size of their staff!  But you’ll certainly save a pile of money, and gain much more than that, by hiring one to manage your commercial investments. The best commercial property management services concern themselves with both the needs of the investor, as well as those of the tenants. This results in prosperous and rewarding long term relationships. You’ll find that they do much more than just collect the rent – when you partner with this… [Read More]

Signs you could be dealing with a real estate scammer

Unfortunately, real estate scams are becoming more and more common and many potential buyers and renters are increasingly becoming victims of these scams. It is important to know how to tell if the person you are considering renting or buying from is a credible commercial property manager. Consider some of the signs below that can help you determine how to spot a real estate scam in order to avoid becoming a victim. You want to protect yourself and your investments from these types of scams going on today. Too good to be true One sure sign that you are dealing… [Read More]

What every Kitchener Landlord should learn regarding property management

Property management is no easy task, so taking the time to ensure you have what it takes before getting started is important. This is not a job to jump into without properly preparing yourself as it could quickly spell disaster. However, with a little time and preparation, you can be a successful property manager in Kitchener and thoroughly enjoy your new role. It can be a fun and rewarding job, but it takes some time to understand the process. Read further to find out some tips to becoming a better property manager before you take on the role. Rent collection… [Read More]

Working With Your Maintenance Team: What You Should Be Doing As a Property Manager

As property manager, your role is vital to ensuring that the day to day operations of your property and overall happiness of your tenants is met. A vital piece of your role includes working with a maintenance crew in a professional manner to get the daily operations tasks completed. The property maintenance crew are the employees that your tenants will interact with the most. They are the first line of defense when the tenants have an issue they need to get corrected. Having a good working relationship with your property maintenance crew will help you be a better property manager… [Read More]