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Understanding the Management of Industrial Property

There’s residential property management, and there’s commercial property management. Commercial property management is divided into several different categories, one of which is Industrial Property Management. Drilling down further, industrial property itself is divided into several areas. An understanding of each of these and their unique qualities goes a long way toward knowing how to manage each of them properly whether they’re located in Duluth, Minnesota, or Waterloo, Ontario. Light Assembly: this is a simple property; in most cases it’s quite easy to reconfigure; mostly used for a combination of office space, storage, and product assembly Flex Warehouse: this space is… [Read More]

Where to Market Your Property To Potential Tenants

When marketing rental commercial property, it’s crucial to position your advertising to attract the specific type of tenant or business you’re looking for. Successful commercial property management companies use different types of targeted advertising. This takes into account several variables, such as: style of advertising, desired tenant pool, type of commercial property, and budget. These determine where to focus your marketing efforts, as well as how to display the rental property, whether it’s in located in New York, Lisbon, or Waterloo.

Ways to Screen Out Difficult Tenants

There comes a time in any property manager’s career, probably more often they they’d like, when they have to deal with problem tenants – the ones who don’t pay rent, the ones who are too loud, the ones who turn your rental home into a marijuana grow op – to name a few. Dealing with them can be stressful, because while you’re trying to represent your residential property management firm in a calm and professional way, the tenant is probably being anything but helpful. They like what they’re doing and they resent you for stopping them from doing it. Whether… [Read More]

Is it Worth It to Hire a Property Manager

So, you’ve decided to invest in property, and not just any property, you want corporate property – a place where businesses thrive and make you piles and piles of cash! Let’s say you’ve chosen to buy property with a mall on it and some office buildings. You can just imagine the profit! But there’s a catch – the money doesn’t just roll in. The day-to-day details of every owner of every business that makes its home in your mall and your office buildings must be handled – and it’s not limited to office hours. Do you have any idea of… [Read More]