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Why Tenants Leave

While residential real estate is one of the best forms of investment, it all depends on one key thing – keeping the property rented. You need the money coming in to make your investment pay. While it’s important to find good tenants, it’s even more important to have them stay! It takes a lot of time, effort and expense to prepare an apartment, condo, townhouse or house to attract a new tenant. A successful property management service in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada stresses that one of the best ways to keep your good tenants, is to know why tenants leave, and… [Read More]

Take a Close Look at the Numbers to Check and See If Your Investment Property Is Losing Value

One of the best ways to increase your wealth and secure your financial future is to invest in property. But you need to determine if the property will continue to give you the return you want and need from it. If there’s a downturn, your residential, commercial and industrial real estate property management company, must quickly identify why the money is not coming in like it used to. The reason and the solution must be quickly determined before your bottom line is affected. With Residential Property it is Location, Location – Location! When you purchased your property, it may have… [Read More]

Property Managers Need Preventative Maintenance Plans

You’ve probably heard the term ‘preventative maintenance’ more often in connection with manufacturing plants than with corporate property management services – but believe me, it’s every bit as applicable – and can save you time and money in the long run, ultimately enhancing your service’s reputation and your bottom line.   Preventative maintenance means the same thing in both cases: to regularly service equipment and properties on a set schedule, to keep all equipment and property – from furnaces and trucks to roofs and water sprinklers – from faltering or failing before their time. So, to be as effective as… [Read More]

Three Roles Important to a Property Management Team

A successful commercial property management service doesn’t happen by chance, and it takes more than signing some clients and putting in a lot of hard work and hardcore commitment. It’s imperative to have the right people in place to not only make things happen, but to make them happen correctly, effectively, and efficiently. To put it in the simplest terms, a successful team should include a skilled and dedicated ‘people person’, ‘numbers person’, and ‘fix-it person’. Your ‘People Person’ is, of course, the PROPERTY MANAGER. This person must have exceptional interpersonal skills as they walk many tightropes on a daily… [Read More]