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Some of the Challenges Faced by Residential Property Managers

  Being a residential property manager is a satisfying career on many levels. However there will always be challenges to face, and usually on a daily basis! No surprise here as you must not only deal with the property itself but also with several different groups of people. Here is a summary of some of the challenges faced by a residential management service, and suggestions on how to handle them. Ever Increasing Operating Costs: Directly, those utility bills just keep on climbing. Indirectly, you’re paying more for light bulbs, cleaning supplies, and fuel for lawn mowers and snow blowers –… [Read More]

Communication is Key to Success in Property Management

Exceptional communication is essential for any successful residential property management service. It’s integral that everyone involved in a property understands what’s expected of them and what the rules are, and that any problems are quickly dealt with diplomatically and professionally. It’s a kind of balancing act, with the property manager acknowledging other peoples’ perspectives – tenants, owners, employees, and contract workers – hearing what they’re actually trying to say, and then finding the appropriate solution to any challenges presented. SATISFYING INVESTORS Clients rule your world. Seriously! Property managers must respond to a client’s inquiry as soon as possible. A client… [Read More]

The Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

  As always, residential real estate is one of the best areas of investment available! However, it entails a lot of work and commitment you may not want to be involved in. Finding and screening tenants, the day to day management of all of your properties, and making sure everything is in good working order is a 24-7 job in itself! That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of investing in real estate, it just means you need to find a good real estate property management company to handle it for you! Choosing the best residential property management company for… [Read More]

How to Attract Suitable Tenants to your Rental Property

Every residential property management company strives to find the ideal tenants — ‘Unicorn Tenants’! The people who always pays rent on time, never disturb others, don’t complain or cause problems and keep your property in better condition than when they moved in. Landlords companies want these tenants to stay forever! However, when they do leave, they give proper notice and leave the unit clean and empty.  This kind of tenant is attainable, but you must attract them in the first place. It all depends on three key things: how well you maintain your property or unit, how competitive the rental… [Read More]