Basic Tips to Stay on Your Landlord’s Good Side

Kitchener property management companies have vast experience working with residential properties and seeing tenants come and go. Property owners want to keep tenants that pay rent on time and keep their property in good shape. Tenants want to find a nice place to live that makes them feel happy and content. As the tenant, it is important to work on creating a good relationship with your landlord. By having a quality relationship with the property owner, you can enjoy your home for years to come. But how do you create a relationship with this individual? Know Your Rights as the… [Read More]

Why Hiring a Property Manager is a Good Move for First Time Rentals

Buying real estate to use for rental properties is always a good idea, especially when the market offers affordable purchasing power. However, if you are a first time investor, you must be careful. You can easily become overwhelmed by the rental process and lose sight as to what you should be doing to succeed. To start off on the right foot, it is essential that you hire a qualified property manager to handle the day to day operations for you. The property manager will help you see a return on your investment. Property Managers have experience To begin, property managers… [Read More]

Residential and Commercial Property Taxes Explained

When considering an investment in real estate, you may be debating between residential and commercial properties. There are benefits to investing in either category, so investing may come down to other factors such as taxes. In Canada, there are two types of property tax; land transfer tax and individual property taxes. It is important to get to know each type to find out how much you may owe for properties you are interested in investing in. Property Taxes in General In general, property taxes are based on where the property is located. The rate is set by the local government… [Read More]

Ways to guarantee lease renewal

Good tenants can be hard to come by. As a property owner, you will find during the rental process that once you find a good tenant, you will want to hold on to them for as long as possible. Residential property owners have found that a good tenant pays their rent on time, keeps the home clean and in good shape, which creates a quality relationship between the tenant and landlord. When it comes to property leasing, you want to work with trustworthy and friendly individuals. Once you find such renters, you have to do your part to ensure they… [Read More]

Communication is Key to Success in Property Management

Exceptional communication is essential for any successful residential property management service. It’s integral that everyone involved in a property understands what’s expected of them and what the rules are, and that any problems are quickly dealt with diplomatically and professionally. It’s a kind of balancing act, with the property manager acknowledging other peoples’ perspectives – tenants, owners, employees, and contract workers – hearing what they’re actually trying to say, and then finding the appropriate solution to any challenges presented. SATISFYING INVESTORS Clients rule your world. Seriously! Property managers must respond to a client’s inquiry as soon as possible. A client… [Read More]