4 Clear Damage Signs to Look for When Buying a Property

Looking for a new home for yourself or your family is one of the most significant events in most people’s lives. Finding the right property is crucial but can also be challenging. One of the most important aspects is avoiding future problems and expenses resulting from pre-existing damage. By looking out for the following signs, you can save yourself a lot of money and headaches. The financial and emotional challenges resulting from buying a home riddled with underlying problems are some of the main reasons buyers seek out the advice of residential property management specialists like Latitude Property Ltd. Common… [Read More]

Fireplaces are a Great Feature But is the Chimney on Your Property Safe?

A wood-burning fireplace is a great comfort and a cost-effective means of warming your home. An inadequate or dirty chimney, however, can cause all sorts of possible negative and potentially dangerous consequences. We’ve compiled a list of the most important things to look out for in terms of maintaining your chimney and ensuring its safety. What’s Inside that Matters Peering at the outside of your chimney doesn’t really reveal what’s going on inside. A solid-looking exterior isn’t necessarily an indication of a safe and effective interior. Without having an expert assess the inside of your chimney, you may miss various… [Read More]

Residential Yard Maintenance: How to Properly Manage It

Keeping the tenants happy is both the property manager’s and the landlord’s first priority. Tenants look into many aspects of their rental when deciding on whether or not to stay, such as the appearance, comfort, and the utility costs. While the tenants should abide by the lease, it is up to the residential property management company to do their best to make the exterior of the property both appealing and convenient to tenants. Here are some of the ways in which Latitude Properties takes care of yard maintenance. Key Landscaping Services Issues to Watch For To ensure that both the… [Read More]

Part 1: 4 Management Tips to Help the Search for Reliable Tenants

Every rental owner wants the most reliable tenants possible. Your ideal tenants will pay the rent on time, won’t cause any problems, and keep the property in good shape. If they decide to move out, they’ll give a timely notice, leaving the home clear and clean. However, this kind of a tenant is not very easy to find. Here enters residential property management, with the right tips to attract the right tenants. How to Attract Reliable Tenants Getting the best tenants depends on your skill to maintain the unit or the property, choosing a competitive rental price for it, and… [Read More]

Common Tenant Complaints and How Property Managers Handle Them

Residential property management can be overwhelming, as it calls for responding to an endless list of duties towards the property and the people involved with it. Navigating a good relationship with tenants is important not only for keeping the good ones around and reducing the turnover but also for protecting yourself from liability for issues that often come up with every residential property. Tenants expect their units and buildings to be in perfect condition, and any issue that comes up, be it maintenance issue or a loud neighbor, affects their lives and busy schedules.   Most Frequent Tenant Issues When… [Read More]

A Look at Commercial and Residential Property Management

For a property owner, choosing the right manager to run their leasing business makes a difference when it comes to time and profits. Finding the right firm requires knowledge of specific needs your building requires. Different types of properties need a different approach to property management, you wouldn’t maintain a commercial property the same way you would a residential property. When looking for a professional property management company, it’s important to find the expert who does a great job dealing with properties in your specific category. Here, Latitude Properties discusses some of the ways in which residential property management differs… [Read More]

Property Basics: Winter Upkeeps to Remember

As a property owner, it’s important to make sure that you are always prepared, especially when it comes to winter. That’s why property management companies are so beneficial to work with. They ensure that the property is maintained, repairs are attended to, and tenants are happy. When it comes to residential property management, you need to prepare for the winter months and ensure that your property is comfortable and safe. Doing property maintenance in the winter is always harder and can be risky too. Knowing what needs to be done before hand and doing the necessary maintenance before winter strikes,… [Read More]

Tips for a Safe Tenant Environment This Winter

When it comes to residential property management, landlords have a lot of responsibilities. And with winter on the way, the list gets even longer. But with a little planning and preparation, you can handle this winter easily and effortlessly and create a great environment for your tenants. There are so many things to remember when winter is on its way, not only do you have to ensure that everything on the property is working as it should, but you should also keep in mind that winter is a colder time of the year. Here are a few great tips to… [Read More]

Tips on How to Manage New Property Regulations

If you own property, you’ll know just how important it is to properly manage it. That’s why many property owners choose to have a dedicated person or team handle their property management. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, effective management is essential. If you rent out your property, you can have residential property management experts handle the entire day-to-day operations of the property on your behalf. The same holds true for corporate properties; corporate property management can help you to focus on other areas of your business, while you have experts handling everything from tenant placements, to maintenance… [Read More]

What you need to know about evicting a renter

Evictions and the law In this day and age, a landlord cannot by law just evict a renter from their property, unless there is a valid and legal reason. These may relate to property management issues, such as: Late or non-payment of the rent The tenant or their guests damage the property Behavior that disturbs and affects other tenants The property owner requires it for personal use. However, despite a landlord having a valid reason for eviction, if the tenant refuses to vacate the property a landlord or the residential property management representatives must then adopt the appropriate legal process. The… [Read More]