Some of the Challenges Faced by Residential Property Managers

  Being a residential property manager is a satisfying career on many levels. However there will always be challenges to face, and usually on a daily basis! No surprise here as you must not only deal with the property itself but also with several different groups of people. Here is a summary of some of the challenges faced by a residential management service, and suggestions on how to handle them. Ever Increasing Operating Costs: Directly, those utility bills just keep on climbing. Indirectly, you’re paying more for light bulbs, cleaning supplies, and fuel for lawn mowers and snow blowers –… [Read More]

Communication is Key to Success in Property Management

Exceptional communication is essential for any successful residential property management service. It’s integral that everyone involved in a property understands what’s expected of them and what the rules are, and that any problems are quickly dealt with diplomatically and professionally. It’s a kind of balancing act, with the property manager acknowledging other peoples’ perspectives – tenants, owners, employees, and contract workers – hearing what they’re actually trying to say, and then finding the appropriate solution to any challenges presented. SATISFYING INVESTORS Clients rule your world. Seriously! Property managers must respond to a client’s inquiry as soon as possible. A client… [Read More]