Latitude Prepares Your Residence for the Fall Season

Fall is a spectacular time of year. Nature gives her last great colour show before the winter, and everyone is filled with holiday cheer. But fall also brings its challenges for residential property owners and management companies. Fortunately Latitude Properties Limited knows what needs to be done and as part of our residential management service, we take care of all our client’s needs. Residential property owners know that their apartment buildings need regular maintenance and good management to attract good tenants. Being on top of things and conducting annual fall inspections and doing minor maintenance can save property owners a… [Read More]

Managing Residential Properties for Student Rentals

Student rentals bring in thousands of dollars in positive cash each month, which makes them a highly lucrative source of income. But, they also require a serious approach to tenants and property upkeep. Most renters choose to work with an expert residential management service provider, and for a good reason. Having a professional who is experienced with student rentals is your best choice for your financial benefit and peace of mind. Here’s what an expert from a reputable company like Latitude Limited can do to take the student rental load off your back: Tackle the Relationship With Students You want… [Read More]

Are You Maximizing Your Building’s Potential?

With the rental market being more competitive than ever, prospective tenants have plenty of options to choose from. You want them to choose your property. You also want the highest possible profit from your property. More than that, you want to work with a professional, experienced, effective and hands-on commercial or residential property management company. Why? Because having the skill to max out a property rental potential is a quality you need. Here are some of the elements of your property that Latitude Limited can manage and improve. Structure and Improvements You own a building. It can become a business… [Read More]

The Benefits of Property Management Services

As a property owner, you understand the day to day struggle to keep track of your many investments. If you own property that is currently being used in a residential setting, such as vacation rentals or residential rental, then you may have found yourself overwhelmed at having to deal with tenants or renters as well as the property upkeep. Thankfully, a residential management service is a quality solution to help you with the managing of your many residential properties. Qualified individuals will work for you, providing essential services to your many residential properties, such as regular upkeep, dealing with tenants… [Read More]

Some of the Challenges Faced by Residential Property Managers

  Being a residential property manager is a satisfying career on many levels. However there will always be challenges to face, and usually on a daily basis! No surprise here as you must not only deal with the property itself but also with several different groups of people. Here is a summary of some of the challenges faced by a residential management service, and suggestions on how to handle them. Ever Increasing Operating Costs: Directly, those utility bills just keep on climbing. Indirectly, you’re paying more for light bulbs, cleaning supplies, and fuel for lawn mowers and snow blowers –… [Read More]