Should you rent in the city or in the suburbs?

When renting a dwelling in a major city of Canada, you usually have one or two options as the renter; living in the inner-city or the suburbs. So as the renter, you have to decide if you wish to live in either area and look at the pros and cons of each. By seeing the up and downs to both areas, you can make the best living decision based on what you need as an individual. Below is a comparison of each type to help you decide. Suburban Living Pros and Cons We will begin with suburban living. When living… [Read More]

What you need to know about the Ontario Rental Fairness Act

Whether you are a renter or a landlord, it is important to understand the Ontario Rental Fairness Act and how it applies to you. The Residential Tenancies Act is currently being tightened in Ontario with standardized leases being introduced, which can lead to tenants having a hard time removing themselves from a tenancy agreement. Understanding the legalities of renting, from a tenant and landlord perspective, will help you to stay protected when renting or providing the rental property. Read on to understand more and how it applies to you specifically. Changes Made The government of Ontario made several changes to… [Read More]

Making Friends When Renting in a New Location

Moving to a new rental property can be tough, especially if you are living in a new neighbourhood or completely different city. You may have moved away from family and friends and soon find you are lonely. Making new friends can seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. If you are using a rental property management company to find your new home, consider having the company search for areas where people your own age live. By living in an area surrounded by your peers, it can help you to quickly make friends. Establishing a new friend group It can… [Read More]

Tips on how to handle Student Rental Property Management

When you own residential property in an area near a university or college, you will most likely be renting to college students at some point in time or all of the time. The student pool of renters can be quite large, especially in a big city or college town. When you own an apartment complex or large rental home, you can make a pretty penny by renting to students, if you learn the right tools and tips to use to your advantage. Not a Huge Risk Most property owners do not want to rent to the under 25 crowd as… [Read More]

Real Estate Management For Your Rental Property

Owning commercial real estate can be beneficial from a rental standpoint. You can invest in major warehouses in an industrial district or stick to the smaller venues in a downtown region, all the while earning a profit by renting out the venues to local businesses. Commercial real estate can be quite lucrative but also time consuming. Having rental property means you have to be readily available for your tenants, something that can be difficult to do if you are constantly working on your career or investments. To properly serve your tenants, it is beneficial to work with a commercial rental… [Read More]