Moving Out Property Management Checklist

Preparing for the move If you are prepared for any action, task or moving for instance, then life suddenly becomes a lot easier with more options. Moving your home is admittedly not something you do every day, well you could be the exception, but still view it as an exercise in real estate property management. It not only sounds better but makes you feel more important as you move the furniture from room to room! In your new role in property management, you need to be in control of the event, which means forward planning and that wonderful administration aid,… [Read More]

Buying a Real Estate Rental Property with a Partner

Careful, not cynical Sometimes, when a warning is given to someone it’s regarded as being cynical! These sensitive souls when it all goes wrong for them, then can turn around and ask why they weren’t told! Being careful is always a requirement in any situation that combines money and personalities. This includes buying and investing, which can involve real estate property management. It’s not only a question of giving your money to someone, but in how well they will assist in managing it and making a profit! Think smart Going into a property partnership means you have to be smart,… [Read More]

Avoid These Common Property Management Mistakes

When it comes to real estate property management, you want to have a team in place to take care of the day to day operations of your properties. Whether you have residential or commercial investments, with a property management team in place, you will be able to see your properties thrive while earning you a steady income. A management company has the know-how as well as experience to help you in any given situation, be it handling tenants or property maintenance. If you try to handle the management yourself, you may end up making a few mistakes. Below are a… [Read More]

Practical Strategies For Selecting a Property Manager

When you own real estate that is used as a rental property, you will find that having a qualified property manager working for you is essential. Whether you own one or multiple properties, a real estate property management company will be able to offer you the services you need to be successful. Tenants expect a certain level of service when it comes to renting a commercial or residential piece of property. It is essential that you choose the right individual or team to take care of your properties for a quality result. Finding the Right Management Team When you are… [Read More]

Take a Close Look at the Numbers to Check and See If Your Investment Property Is Losing Value

One of the best ways to increase your wealth and secure your financial future is to invest in property. But you need to determine if the property will continue to give you the return you want and need from it. If there’s a downturn, your residential, commercial and industrial real estate property management company, must quickly identify why the money is not coming in like it used to. The reason and the solution must be quickly determined before your bottom line is affected. With Residential Property it is Location, Location – Location! When you purchased your property, it may have… [Read More]

The Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

  As always, residential real estate is one of the best areas of investment available! However, it entails a lot of work and commitment you may not want to be involved in. Finding and screening tenants, the day to day management of all of your properties, and making sure everything is in good working order is a 24-7 job in itself! That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of investing in real estate, it just means you need to find a good real estate property management company to handle it for you! Choosing the best residential property management company for… [Read More]

How to Attract Suitable Tenants to your Rental Property

Every residential property management company strives to find the ideal tenants — ‘Unicorn Tenants’! The people who always pays rent on time, never disturb others, don’t complain or cause problems and keep your property in better condition than when they moved in. Landlords companies want these tenants to stay forever! However, when they do leave, they give proper notice and leave the unit clean and empty.  This kind of tenant is attainable, but you must attract them in the first place. It all depends on three key things: how well you maintain your property or unit, how competitive the rental… [Read More]

Types of Services You Should Receive from Your Property Management Company

When you hire a real estate property management company, you have certain expectations – or at least you should have – of what you want and need from them. These companies are meant to make life easier for property owners like you, by professionally caring for your property or properties, and the associated people – your tenants. A good residential property management company does this by providing services to make life run smoothly for the tenants, and maintaining and repairing the properties those tenants call home. In effect, caring for your investments. Here are the basic services you should or… [Read More]

Buying Real Estate is a good way of long term investment

Unless we win a lottery, very few of us will end up getting rich overnight! Most of us work hard and even go without at times to save up our money. That’s not enough, though. We also need to put the money we earn to work – by long-term investing and managing a diverse portfolio – to see anything like real wealth. When you do this, remember that a very important part of your long-term investment should be real estate. You may feel that your money is safer in a term deposit or bank account – but all you earn… [Read More]

Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages to Buying a Condo

In this day and age, with prices skyrocketing, it isn’t always easy or affordable to own a house. So a lot of people, yourself perhaps, have considered buying a condo. Not only is the price more attractive, people today have busier lives, and it’s nice to have someone else – like a residential property management company – doing all the outside maintenance! As with anything, of course, there are both pros and cons to owning a condo.