Working With Your Maintenance Team: What You Should Be Doing As a Property Manager

As property manager, your role is vital to ensuring that the day to day operations of your property and overall happiness of your tenants is met. A vital piece of your role includes working with a maintenance crew in a professional manner to get the daily operations tasks completed. The property maintenance crew are the employees that your tenants will interact with the most. They are the first line of defense when the tenants have an issue they need to get corrected. Having a good working relationship with your property maintenance crew will help you be a better property manager… [Read More]

Suggestions on How to Provide the Best Services for Your Tenants

A landlord-tenant relationship is just that – a relationship. And like any other relationship, it takes a good beginning, and regular maintenance to keep it good. Many landlords bend over backwards being nice to get tenants to sign a lease – then can’t be found when repairs are needed! Just like in a healthy marriage, the work you put in after the paper is signed, is even more important than the effort you made beforehand. Providing the best services possible to your tenants is the key to success for owners and residential property management companies. The way to do this… [Read More]