The Things You Need To Know When Buying A Condo

If you’re thinking about downsizing from a house to a condominium, you should be aware that both have their advantages and disadvantages. The process itself is fairly straightforward; however, you need to be aware of certain considerations that go along with changing your residence. Whether it’s buying a condo or a house, things like your available budget, the condition, location, layout, size of the condo are all important elements when weighing your options, and particularly so when it comes to Waterloo property management. However, switching to the condominium lifestyle carries with it additional factors that aren’t present when looking to… [Read More]

How Latitude Can Help With Your Rental Property

Buying rental residential real estate for investment purposes is something more and more Canadians are doing. In most cases, such properties offer stable income that is enough to cover almost all expenses, not to mention a real estate asset that is likely to appreciate in the long term. However, at Latitude Property Management, we understand that becoming a first-time landlord carries numerous risks and a ton of stress. Hence, the assistance of a professional property manager offers not only protection but also peace of mind with regards to the long-term security of your investment. Why may you ask? Well, there… [Read More]