What Can I Do About a Rude Property Manager?

Dealing with a rude property manager is never fun. If you are the tenant of the property, you may feel like you are being treated unfairly or just do not enjoy the communication you have with the person in charge of helping you with issues of the property. As the landlord, you expect a property manager to be courteous with yourself as well as others. When the property management team is unkind, it sends a red flat that they may not be treating your tenants well. The Role of the Property Manager Individuals who serve as property managers need to… [Read More]

Signs you could be dealing with a real estate scammer

Unfortunately, real estate scams are becoming more and more common and many potential buyers and renters are increasingly becoming victims of these scams. It is important to know how to tell if the person you are considering renting or buying from is a credible commercial property manager. Consider some of the signs below that can help you determine how to spot a real estate scam in order to avoid becoming a victim. You want to protect yourself and your investments from these types of scams going on today. Too good to be true One sure sign that you are dealing… [Read More]

Managing Commercial Property is Both Interesting and Challenging

Commercial Property Management is not unlike residential property management in most basic ways – collecting rent, handling repairs, creating reports. However, there are many different forms of commercial property. To be both efficient and effective, a successful commercial property management company must customize these basic services for each and every one – something that’s more complex than you might imagine.

Understanding the Management of Industrial Property

There’s residential property management, and there’s commercial property management. Commercial property management is divided into several different categories, one of which is Industrial Property Management. Drilling down further, industrial property itself is divided into several areas. An understanding of each of these and their unique qualities goes a long way toward knowing how to manage each of them properly whether they’re located in Duluth, Minnesota, or Waterloo, Ontario. Light Assembly: this is a simple property; in most cases it’s quite easy to reconfigure; mostly used for a combination of office space, storage, and product assembly Flex Warehouse: this space is… [Read More]

Where to Market Your Property To Potential Tenants

When marketing rental commercial property, it’s crucial to position your advertising to attract the specific type of tenant or business you’re looking for. Successful commercial property management companies use different types of targeted advertising. This takes into account several variables, such as: style of advertising, desired tenant pool, type of commercial property, and budget. These determine where to focus your marketing efforts, as well as how to display the rental property, whether it’s in located in New York, Lisbon, or Waterloo.

Three Roles Important to a Property Management Team

A successful commercial property management service doesn’t happen by chance, and it takes more than signing some clients and putting in a lot of hard work and hardcore commitment. It’s imperative to have the right people in place to not only make things happen, but to make them happen correctly, effectively, and efficiently. To put it in the simplest terms, a successful team should include a skilled and dedicated ‘people person’, ‘numbers person’, and ‘fix-it person’. Your ‘People Person’ is, of course, the PROPERTY MANAGER. This person must have exceptional interpersonal skills as they walk many tightropes on a daily… [Read More]

Things to Look for When Doing a Property Ocular Visit

It’s important that your property – your investment – remains in the best condition possible for as long as possible. Under normal living conditions, things in any unit change over time – they wear out, they wear down, and they wear through – what we refer to as normal ‘wear and tear’.