Summer Property Management Tips: Swimming Pool Maintenance

Summer Property Management Tips: Swimming Pool Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining swimming pools in the summer, it can be a challenging task to complete because of the fact that pools get used much more frequently during hot weather. One of the biggest problems with pool maintenance arises when maintenance practices are compromised to save during lean times or for other reasons. As a result, your property may stop being an attractive one and could require significant money to restore. That is why summertime swimming pool maintenance is essential if you’re looking to ensure good property management for your Kitchener location.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Maintain Your Pool Properly?

A swimming pool should never be neglected, even when it’s not summer. This is because chemical imbalances could easily form in the water if the pool is not monitored. As a result, the water will suffer from high alkalinity and corrosion, reducing the life spans of equipment, tiles, and plaster. Lines, filters, and pumps can get clogged and scaled, while a normal 20-year life expectancy on the pool’s plaster can easily be cut in half. The overall damage could put a huge dent in your budget and all because of the typical “out of sight, out of mind” approach most people have towards their swimming pools during the remaining three seasons of the year.

If You Must, Go With These DIY Maintenance Tips

Remember that professional property management is always the recommended option. But if you’re set on do-it-yourself property and pool management, there are some tips you’d be wise to follow:

  • Check alkalinity once every week
  • Check PH and chlorine levels three times every day during peak usage, as well as once every day during non-peak usage times
  • Check the flow meter for a period of 5 minutes to ensure that water is circulating in the swimming pool at the proper rate
  • Check uric acid and calcium hardness levels once every month
  • Ensure there is a preventative amount of algaecide in the pool and add additional quantities every week
  • Remove algae from the floor and walls of the swimming pool by brushing them once every week
  • Ensure a proper turnover rate of water circulation, and keep the line basket and skimmers free of debris

Want To Simplify The Pool & Property Management Of Your Kitchener Locations?

It can be very time consuming and tricky to ensure proper pool management by yourself, in addition to having to tackle numerous other tasks and challenges of managing your own property. There is a very easy way to simplify the entire process, it involves getting in touch with Latitude Properties Limited and hiring a property manager. Latitude is home to an experienced team of expert property managers who would be more than glad to take over the management of your property from you, resulting in less stress and more free time. Call Latitude today and put your property in the hands of experienced professionals.