Protecting Your Industrial Property from Flooding in the Spring

Protecting Your Industrial Property from Flooding in the Spring

Spring is the time of year when floods are most common. The forces of nature are not something we can control, but there are always ways in which you can prepare for potential floodings. Companies specializing in industrial real estate property management have become experts in preventing damage related to the infamous spring floods.

Protect Yourself from Spring Floods

While floods are a common occurrence in some areas, when spring comes, the risk rises tremendously even for places which are not usually victims of floodings. Of course, this is due to the change in the weather. When temperatures start rising during springtime, all the snow and ice that has formed during the winter starts to melt. This means that rivers are filled with more water than usual, and sometimes this leads to floods. Not only that but the groundwater level also rises, which means that there is a possibility for flooding from burst subterranean waters as well.

Another scientific explanation for the rise in floods during spring is the fact that this is the period of the year with the highest amount of rainwater per square meter. Rains may not seem like a big threat, however, during prolonged storms, the buildup of cubic litres of water can easily lead to the flooding of your property.

This buildup of risk factors makes spring the season when industrial property management companies have to work harder to ensure that all of their customers are happy and safe from damages.

Protect Your Basement!

While other natural forces like tornadoes or fires can affect the upper levels of your property, floods usually pose a threat to basements and ground floors. Gravity has a strong effect on water, which means that any water that is not drained and flowing through a dedicated place will find its’ way to your basement or ground floor. This is why home and industrial property management services focus their skills on safeguarding the lowest levels of your buildings when springtime comes.

Melting snow during springtime is the first cause of floodings in Canada, and this is why you should make sure that your building is properly secured, and guarded against excess water.

How Property Managers can Help

Dealing with the management of big industrial properties can be a tedious process, especially when the risk factors rise during springtime. This is why professional industrial real estate property management services are a good way to keep your buildings protected. These companies focus solely on the safeguarding of your properties against natural disasters like fires and floods, while you can focus on your business activities.

Professional property managers carry out regular inspections so that they can ensure the safety of your buildings. An example of one of the most successful industrial property management companies in Canada is Latitude Properties, who offer a full range of protection services against floods. They perform detailed checks for cracks in the walls, problems with drainage and missing sealing elements.

While all of these checks are necessary, the most important service Latitude Properties provides is landscaping. This is the most effective way to ensure that your buildings are protected from excess waters during the spring. It is important that any landscaping services are performed before the snow and ice start melting so that once this process begins, the accumulated water can pass around your property. Proper landscaping is the best way to ensure you are protected from floods, as it serves as a natural pathway for any unwanted water flow to go around your buildings.

As you can see, industrial property management is a serious task to take up on your own, which is why service providers like Latitude Properties are there to help you.