Property Management Summer Issues: Can Tenants Build Gardens?

Property Management Summer Issues: Can Tenants Build Gardens?

Being a landlord carries a lot of stress with it. In addition to having to deal with the difficult process of selecting the right tenant, your troubles likely won’t stop after you’ve made your choice. Tenants can be the source of many worries and problems; for example, what if they decide to plant their own garden on your Kitchener property? How should you handle this situation? Luckily, there’s a very simple way to ensure good residential property management for your Kitchener property. Continue reading to learn more.

Does The Law Favour Landlords Or Tenants When It Comes To Summer Gardens?

The law clearly says that tenants aren’t allowed to change or alter the landscaping of a rental property without the explicit permission of the landlord. A particular complication may arise if tenants try to argue that planting a garden is an improvement to the property which may end up adding value. Still, the law favors the landlord in this situation and deems that any tenant who starts digging without the landlord’s explicit permission is in violation of the lease agreement.

Can You Compromise As The Landlord?

When looking to not allow tenants to do whatever they want in terms of a garden, but still attempting to enhance your property in every way possible, you can achieve both by compromising. This might be the ideal solution that will hone your negotiating skills and ensure good residential property management for your Kitchener home. Ideas that include small gardens that would satisfy tenants while not altering the rental property too much for the landlord include:

  • A Container Garden. These are gardens that feature vegetables and fruits growing in large containers. They are never permanent, though they can satisfy a tenant’s desire for a garden. Keep in mind that container plants can enhance the curb appeal of a property and make your tenant happy without too many permanent changes.
  • A Flower Bed Garden. In case your rental property has flower beds in the yard or near the house, think about letting your tenants use them as a garden. They are already part of the landscape and you could easily forego planting flowers so the tenant can have that space. Similarly, it’s also not hard to reclaim the space once again for flowers when the tenant moves out.
  • A Garden on Your Own Terms. This includes being very clear and specific about what sort of garden you allow, its location, size or any fast-growing invasive species you won’t permit. Ensure you put whatever compromise you agree to in writing. Be as detailed as possible and leave nothing out of the written agreement.

The Simplest Solution Is To Hire A Professional Property Management Company Like Latitude

If you simply can’t be bothered by dealing with tenants who’d like to plant a garden on your property or catering to other ideas they might have, the simplest solution is to hire a professional property manager to do the job for you. Latitude Properties Limited is home to a number of experienced and expert property management professionals who can save you time while still doing only what’s best for your property. If you want to ensure the best possible residential property management for your Kitchener home, contact Latitude Properties and let the professionals work their magic.