Property Management Tips: Handling Excessive Noise during Summer

Property Management Tips: Handling Excessive Noise during Summer

People inevitably hear one another, no matter where they live. Be it apartments, duplexes, townhomes or even close to industrial areas, an occasional noise complaint is bound to happen every now and then as a result of sharing walls. A very likely outcome of one tenant turning up their television or playing music too loudly will be an excessive noise complaint, which you will have to handle as a landlord. Residential, commercial and industrial property management issues alike all feature the landlord as the go-to person for solving them, keep reading to learn what to do.

What To Do In The Event Of A Noise Complaint?

It is important to understand that there will always be tenants who are particularly sensitive to noise. A neighbor could have his window open on a hot summer day with the TV set blasting away, which will obviously upset other tenants. If you receive a complaint in such an instance, your first course of action should be to walk over and politely explain to the person that they are causing discomfort for other tenants. There shouldn’t be a problem in the majority of cases as most people are reasonable and will likely stop making excessive noise. But, you could also be faced with a different outcome.

What If The Person Making Excessive Noise Is Non-Receptive?

On occasion, you’ll come across tenants who are rude and refuse to stop creating excessive noise. You have several options if this happens, which include being proactive and reviewing the lease agreement.

Taking A Proactive Approach

If all attempts to reason with the troublemaker should fail, your next move should be to write a letter to them. This is considered a courteous next step in ensuring good commercial, residential and industrial property management as it involves attempting to negotiate a settlement with the person without giving up too much. It is important to be firm in your request that they turn down the noise. If this doesn’t work either, you’re down to your last option.

Reviewing The Lease Agreement

You can always call the police to take a decibel reading depending on your jurisdiction as many local statutes have a set noise level, the exceeding of which results in fines. Always revert back to the lease agreement since it may hide a surprise or two. At times you’ll maybe find that it is not firm enough; you might also discover that it sets clear thresholds, one of which could pertain to noise levels. If that’s the case, you can begin eviction proceedings, which in itself should be enough to get the offender to turn down the noise. If this is still not effective, then you’re better off not having such a tenant at all.

Don’t Want To Deal With Excessive Noise Complaints? Let A Property Manager Handle The Problem

Dealing with tricky tenants requires a ton of people skills, in addition to a thorough knowledge of rules and regulations. Being a landlord can be very stressful and tiring, but all is not lost. A simple and easy alternative is to hire a professional property manager. Latitude Properties Limited is home to an A+ team of experienced property managers who have the time, know-how and experience to deal with excessive noise complaints and a whole other array of tenant problems to your advantage. Get in touch with Latitude today and watch the professionals work their commercial, residential and industrial property management magic.