What a Property Management Company Should Be Doing

When owning commercial or residential property for profit, you want to work with a quality property management company that offers you everything you need and more to be successful. But what features should you be offered by a management company? If you are a beginner to the real estate market, you may not know everything that comes along with rental properties as well as what to expect from a management team. Below are a few key characteristics you should expect to receive with property management services.

Premium Accounting

Your Waterloo property management company should be providing you with the best accounting services. Rental property owners are unable to see the everyday tasks performed by management and one way to see results is in accounting. The property management team needs to be taking care of monthly rent as well as any fees, property maintenance payments, etc. With an owner portal and property management tools in place, you are able to see just how your properties are performing. Seek a company that offers premium accounting services including performance reports on a regular basis of each of your properties.

Investment Protection

When you have a property management team in place, you expect them to protect your investment. Your rental properties need to be inspected on a regular basis as well as repaired and maintained. Look for a property management company that is prepared to provide programs in every category so that your tenants stay happy with regular repairs and maintenance scheduled. When your properties are run smoothly, you can expect to keep tenants for an extended period of time.

Move In/Out Process

When owning property, you can experience tenants that last for many years or see new tenants in and out of your property on a regular basis. With a management company in place, they are responsible for moving tenants in and out. Tenant screening, moving in new tenants and ensuring the old tenants move out are processes that must run seamlessly. Ensure that the company you will work with for the management of your property is prepared for property inspections, damage deposit discussions, screening new tenants and more. Companies with experience in these areas as well as methods that work seamlessly will be able to provide your tenants with the best service possible.

In Control

Basically, you want to work with a property management company that is not afraid to take the reins and be in control. You are too busy to manage each of your properties and you need a team in place to make quick decisions and ensure each property is running smoothly. Take time to research your options well and look for experienced companies such as Latitude Properties for all of your property management needs.

At Latitude Properties, we have experience in both commercial and residential property management, offering you the quality services you should expect from a management company. Contact our office today to learn how we can help you maximize the potential of your real estate properties.