Moving Out Property Management Checklist

Preparing for the move

If you are prepared for any action, task or moving for instance, then life suddenly becomes a lot easier with more options. Moving your home is admittedly not something you do every day, well you could be the exception, but still view it as an exercise in real estate property management. It not only sounds better but makes you feel more important as you move the furniture from room to room!

In your new role in property management, you need to be in control of the event, which means forward planning and that wonderful administration aid, a list!  If you’re told by friends and relatives how stressful moving is, ignore them because you have a plan and your list! Whether you’re doing the move yourself,  employing a company, or using friends as long as you have a listed plan, you can survive this experience!

Setting the example

As a leader in property management, you set the example as to how this move is completed with efficiency, speed and with as little hassle as possible, so, start your research early in the program!  Begin with researching removal companies or truck rental companies, depending on your proposed moving method. One thing to note, obtain written confirmation of all the details and costs for your records.

Being now qualified in real estate property management you will understand that weekends and holidays are the busiest times for movers and truck rental companies. As the big day nears, start packing, by starting with the items you don’t use regularly and make certain that the boxes are labeled or numbered to make the unpacking easier.

Another memo for your list is to visit or contact every service or other sources you have used, especially the post office. Notify them in writing of your address change. On this note, just before the actual moving day, if you’re using professional movers, confirm the arrangements with them. That’s what excellent property management does; plan, organize and keep in contact.

Making the move

It’s arrived; the big day and you are ecstatic with excitement. It’s your opportunity to prove your expertise in planning. Note on your list all the utility metre readings, new and old home and be present when the truck is being loaded and unloaded.

Once it’s finished, relax, and congratulate yourself on a wonderful achievement and think of the next move!