How to Manage Your Industrial Property Maintenance Plan This Fall

How to Manage Your Industrial Property Maintenance Plan This Fall

Is your commercial property ready for fall? It’s never too soon to employ strategies that professional industrial property management entities use because the sudden weather changes that the said season brings won’t leave enough time to prepare. Here’s what you need to do to care for your property to avoid getting caught by surprise:

Plan Maintenance and Define the Budget

Planning is a commercial property owner’s best friend. Not having a comprehensive plan in place before investing is never a good idea. Planning industrial property management in your position means:

  • Getting in touch with the management and discussing the plan for fall maintenance and upkeep
  • Contacting contractors
  • Negotiating prices
  • Scheduling repairs
  • Managing contracts

For all of this to go as smooth as possible, start before the fall season arrives. When you’ve already set the dates, or at least a loosely-defined periods for when the certain work will start, you’ll feel at ease knowing you have done a lot of work in advance. Defining the budget, or the amount you’re willing to pay for property maintenance means you’ll be able to coordinate funds so that billing never becomes a problem.

Get to the Nitty-Gritty Repairs

A list of repairs for your property to be ready for fall is a long one, but you should pay attention to following tasks:

  • Clearing the gutters. Before the fall comes, the gutters should be clean of any debris, mud or leaves. You’ll also have to inspect them regularly when the fall comes to prevent flooding.
  • Check and repair the heaters. The last thing you want is for your heaters to break or spread dust just when the temperatures get cooler. Check the heating system in advance and make sure everything works as it should. Clean the pipes, filters, vents and other elements that collect dust or moist, to have the installations last longer and avoid emergency repairs.
  • Secure the property against leaks. Water damage and flooding is every property owner’s worst nightmare. Check exposed pipes for leaks and clear them of anything that could clog them and result in problems. As a commercial property owner, you’ll liable for any water damage to the tenant’s property. There’s nothing like a small, neglected leak that can snowball into major financial damage.
  • Have the electric system checked by an expert. An electrician should take a look at lighting, wiring, installations, and other electrical elements to prevent fires. Fall will bring more demand for heating and light, which means more load on the wiring. Make sure the smoke detectors and emergency generators are working properly, and schedule repairs if they are not.
  • Plan for emergencies. Snow removal, fire protocols, and other safety precautions need planning to prevent delays and accidents. Have the staff and residents trained on regular snow removal and contact service providers to arrange timely snow clearing.

Feeling Lost in Industrial Property Management? Latitude is Your Friend

All of the tasks required for your industrial property to have quality maintenance requires a lot of time and effort. Aside from that, it takes knowledge to manage all of the work on your own. If you can’t wrap your head around all the jobs necessary, Latitude Properties has the skill, the staff, and the gear to take over these tasks and handle them for you.