How to make the best of a small rental space

Residential property management groups are in charge of maintaining the appearance as well as maintenance of rental properties, along with finding tenants for properties. If you are searching for a new rental dwelling, you can do well by working with a property management group in order to find your new home. In many cases, you may find the ideal apartment in the city but the dwelling is smaller than what you are used to. How do you live in smaller space? By learning small space living solutions and design tips, you can make even the smallest space an inviting and lovely home.

Storage Solutions

One of the main issues with living in a smaller space is storage space. You may find your new apartment is lacking in offering you the space you need to store your items. A great way to consider storage solutions is to hide your items under furnishings. Use risers for your bed to raise the frame off the floor to have additional space under the bed for seasonal clothing, shoes, etc. You can also place items under sofas and chairs in your home that have space underneath. Use baskets to hide books or other items you use in the living space. You can also buy storage ottomans to have additional seating in the home that doubles as a storage option.

Mirrors Add Space

One way to make your space fill larger is with mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion of space by reflecting the room. You can reflect light to create the illusion of a larger area which can make the space seem more open.

Use Light Colours

Another trick is to use lighter colours in order to create an open and airy feel. Dark colours on walls as well as with furnishings can make the space appear small and closed in. Light colours in all areas of the space will make the room appear to be larger and brighter.

Think Differently

Another option is to look at your apartment and think differently. What type of storage do you need or what is your space lacking? By examining what you need, you can come up with solutions to assist. Perhaps you need to store additional food items but have no more cabinet space. The tiny space beside the fridge is a perfect solution. Storage towers can be purchased online or built by hand to slide in between the fridge and wall or cabinets in order to store spices, canned foods, etc. This is just one example of how you can think differently in order to style the home as you see fit and suitable to your needs.

Overall, you can use small spaces to your advantage if you plan well. Think outside the box and come up with unique ways to store items and decorate your space to enjoy your new home.

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