I am a landlord, what can a property manager do for me?

As a landlord, you know how busy your days can be. When you own multiple properties, it can be difficult to handle the day to day needs of tenants as well as upkeep of the property. This can be even more stressful and difficult when you live far from the properties you own. The best solution to such problems is to hire a residential property management team. A property manager will be able to provide quality assistance to your property needs, such as maintenance, repairs, and handling tenant issues. If you have never hired a property management company before, you may have no idea what to expect or what the company can provide you by way of services. Read on to see how you can benefit as a landlord from property management services.

24/7 Service

As the landlord, you are not going to be available 24/7 or do you want to be. You want to own your properties and make a profit but you also want to have a life of your own. By hiring a property management team, you have individuals on call 24/7 to assist your tenants and property needs. An issue can arise at any time such as plumbing or a HVAC problem. When this happens, you are the responsible party, unless you have a management team in place. This can get old quickly trying to help all your tenants and survey properties day in and day out. By hiring a professional management team, you can worry less about being called at all hours of the day and know that someone else is handling your rental property issues for you.

This can be a great de-stressor in your daily life. When owning multiple properties, you begin to see the upkeep and handling of tenant needs takes a toll. You will now be able to focus more on the business aspect of owning properties, letting someone else handle the day to day operations.

Tenant Selection

An important factor to owning rental property is tenant selection. You must know how to select the right tenant so you have someone living in your rental who is responsible, making monthly payments and keeping your property clean and in good condition. An experienced property management company knows how to conduct a credit check, employment check, background check and tenant screening to ensure only responsible people are chosen for your rental property. Often times, a landlord will accept the first person who comes along in order to fill the vacancy. This is not the best idea and can quickly lead to problems.

As a landlord, you can certainly benefit from having a property manager or team in place. At Latitude Properties, we have great experience in handling investment properties, finding you the right tenants, maintenance upkeep and repairs as well as handling any tenant issues. When you find yourself falling behind on the day to day operations of your multiple properties, give us a call. We can provide excellent assistance and management services to help you see a profit.