How to Effectively deal with Tenant Complaints

As a rental property owner, you will have to deal with tenants on a regular basis. Over the years, you will learn quickly that people are very different. You may have a few tenants that are easy going and cause no problems while you might have other tenants who are constantly fussing and complaining. It is important to learn how to deal with tenant complaints properly to be successful in owning rental property.

Property Management Companies

One of the best ways to deal with tenant complaints is to have someone else handle them for you. A property management company has the experience and know-how to handle any tenant need. When there is a problem between tenants, with the property or just a general concern, the property management team is contacted. They can consult with you at certain times when big problems arise, but for the most part, the Kitchener residential property management team will be able to handle the issue without contacting you. If you do not currently have a property management company in place for your properties, it is recommended that you look into this service to provide your tenants with quality service 24/7.

Learning the Common Complaints

A big tip for property owners is to learn the common complaints of tenants. By knowing what tenants commonly complain about, you can stay one step ahead, hopefully cutting off any tension or issues from taking place. One example of a common complaint can be a simple household issue such as a clogged toilet or sink. If you have a property management team in place, they can send your janitor or call a service company. Sometimes, the renter just used too much toilet paper or pushed food down the sink and it’s stuck. But you have to handle this task with a sense of decorum. You may think the issue is silly or something the homeowner should handle but they see it as something you should handle.

Take time to maintain your properties well and simple issues like this should rarely come up. Your property management team can stay on top of simple repairs and maintenance for you with a calendar in place. They know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Staying ahead with maintenance will ensure that your property will stay in top condition and you will be able to avoid major tenant problems in the future.

Another problem can be complaints regarding other tenants. In condos or apartment buildings, some tenants may be too loud or have tension for some reason or another with other tenants. When this happens, you will need to intervene. Try to have stated rules in place about noise levels, pets, etc., all issues that can cause problems with others. Talk calmly to each tenant and try to come up with a solution that will be pleasing to both parties.

Overall, these are just a few of the common issues that property owners have to deal with. Choose to work with Latitude Properties and you will alleviate the need to take care of such issues yourself and instead rely on someone else to help you through the tenant complaint process!