Factors Renters Really Want in a Rental Property

renters_jan1If you are considering purchasing a rental property, there are many factors to consider. You want to purchase a property that will be appealing to renters, but what do renters really want? What factors should landlords consider to ensure the property will be rented, be it a vacation home or residential dwelling? Check out the key points below to ensure your rental property is up to par with what renters wish to see in the space.

Updated Décor

This may seem silly but updated décor goes a long way when it comes to rental properties. A potential renter may not even look at the space if it appears outdated in photos. You want the paint to be neutral tones and décor pleasing to the eye so that everyone will be interested in the space. If you are renting a vacation home, you want to use modern touches that catch the eye so that the renter will see your rental home is beautiful and want to visit. When it comes to residential properties, renters want to be able to enjoy a comfortable space that is open and clean. Take a look around our property and see what might could be updated to bring in more renters.

New Appliances

Stainless steel appliances can also go a long way in seeing your rental property approved by renters. Older appliances such as white or even odd colors like green or brown, will give the appearance that the home is not well-maintained. When you have older appliances in the home, renters will begin to wonder what else might be old. The appliances may work fine and be nice and clean but it is appearance that they are old that can be harmful to gaining renters.


When purchasing rental property, it is essential to consider the location of the home. For a vacation home, you want to be located near tourist attractions such as the beach, restaurants, attractions, etc. For a residential rental property, you want to be located in a nice neighborhood where schools are top rated, near parks or shopping and grocery stores. Think about your target audience and put yourself in their shoes. For vacationers, would you rather be on the beach or 20 minutes away? For families, would you rather have a home that is located within walking distance to a school and local parks or be in a rural area? Knowing your audience and who you wish to appeal to will help you to make the right location decision when purchasing property.

Property Management

When you own rental property, it is smart to take advantage of property management services. Renters expect to be dealing with a property management team who will assist with any need such as repairs or issues with the property. A Property management company in Kitchener will ensure that renters are happy with the property and you have a good reputation as a landlord. To have access to quality property management services, contact Latitude Properties Limited today.