Things to Look for When Hiring a Commercial Property Management Firm

There are more than enough reasons for a commercial property owner to hire a professional property management firm. Unlike private properties, commercial ones are subject to countless regulations, requiring an extensive year-round management plan. Not only property maintenance but also the relationship with tenants and contractors require full devotion. Running a commercial property is demanding and can be overwhelming even for someone with experience. Having a property in need of repairs could result in fines and loss of tenants, neglecting these issues will make a noticeable difference in your bank account. When choosing the right commercial property management firm, one should… [Read More]

Part 1: 4 Management Tips to Help the Search for Reliable Tenants

Every rental owner wants the most reliable tenants possible. Your ideal tenants will pay the rent on time, won’t cause any problems, and keep the property in good shape. If they decide to move out, they’ll give a timely notice, leaving the home clear and clean. However, this kind of a tenant is not very easy to find. Here enters residential property management, with the right tips to attract the right tenants. How to Attract Reliable Tenants Getting the best tenants depends on your skill to maintain the unit or the property, choosing a competitive rental price for it, and… [Read More]

How Landlords Benefit From Property Managers

Property leasing can generate thousands of dollars in income if done properly. Failing to navigate important issues, and what was once a possible source of income can easily turn into a money pit. Property owners who try to take up all of the property management duties on their own soon realize they don’t have the capacity or knowledge for it. It requires a certain level of skill to run a rental, which is why property management firms come in handy. Latitude Limited gives some insight into what you’re gaining from professional property management services. Benefits of Hiring a Property Management… [Read More]

Common Tenant Complaints and How Property Managers Handle Them

Residential property management can be overwhelming, as it calls for responding to an endless list of duties towards the property and the people involved with it. Navigating a good relationship with tenants is important not only for keeping the good ones around and reducing the turnover but also for protecting yourself from liability for issues that often come up with every residential property. Tenants expect their units and buildings to be in perfect condition, and any issue that comes up, be it maintenance issue or a loud neighbor, affects their lives and busy schedules.   Most Frequent Tenant Issues When… [Read More]

Attributes of a Good Commercial Property Manager

While a successful rental can increase your income, it takes regular commercial property management to ensure you’re maximizing your profits. Choosing the right property manager is the key to a profitable and well-maintained commercial rental. Those property owners who are new in the industry should know which qualities make for a good property management company. Latitude Properties gives some insight on the good property manager qualities. Qualities of Great Property Managers Amazing property managers pay attention to the “big picture”, always aiming to maximize their client’s earnings by bringing the property’s true potential to light. That being said, they also… [Read More]

A Look at Commercial and Residential Property Management

For a property owner, choosing the right manager to run their leasing business makes a difference when it comes to time and profits. Finding the right firm requires knowledge of specific needs your building requires. Different types of properties need a different approach to property management, you wouldn’t maintain a commercial property the same way you would a residential property. When looking for a professional property management company, it’s important to find the expert who does a great job dealing with properties in your specific category. Here, Latitude Properties discusses some of the ways in which residential property management differs… [Read More]

What To Do When Your Property Experiences Summertime Flooding

Either as a tenant, an owner, or a landlord, flooding damage requires your immediate attention. Remaining proactive in protecting and recovering affected property elements is crucial to save costs, get the unit into a living-friendly state, and avoid possible lawsuits. This is true for Kitchener homeowners who want to make sure that their property is taken care of and the welfare of their loved ones are not compromised. Whichever your role in property maintenance, some of the actions required for flooding damage control are the same for everyone involved with the property. Here’s some expert Kitchener property management advice from… [Read More]

Top 3 Services You Should Get from Your Commercial Management Team

What should you expect from a well-performing, effective commercial property manager? A good management service company has experts who are able to work with a large number of people simultaneously while arranging timely maintenance for all of the properties they’re working for. All this while keeping the clients regularly informed and increasing the value of the property. Latitude recommends looking for these couple of important qualities in property managers. Provide Long-Term Tenants Your profits will increase if the property is always occupied. The best way to ensure this is to work with a commercial property management service provider who knows… [Read More]

Property Management Tips to Keep Your Landscape Green in Summer

During the droughts, many give up on the idea of maintaining a fresh, green lawn. Communities often forbid lawn watering, and the extreme temperatures make the lawns go brown and lifeless. But, what if there was something you could do to battle the drought and maintain the freshness of your lawn? Here are a couple of suggestions for maintaining your Kitchener home lawn from the experience of the property management experts: Shrink The Lawn Do you really need a lawn as big as your current one? Chances are you do not. If you shrink the lawn to the smallest size… [Read More]

Managing Residential Properties for Student Rentals

Student rentals bring in thousands of dollars in positive cash each month, which makes them a highly lucrative source of income. But, they also require a serious approach to tenants and property upkeep. Most renters choose to work with an expert residential management service provider, and for a good reason. Having a professional who is experienced with student rentals is your best choice for your financial benefit and peace of mind. Here’s what an expert from a reputable company like Latitude Limited can do to take the student rental load off your back: Tackle the Relationship With Students You want… [Read More]